Celebrating the Birth of the GaiaMind
by Susan Cafoncelli


For some time, I have noticed that a great number of clients who come to me for therapy seem to have an immense numinosity about their situations. They have an issue of concern to them but at the same time have a very largeness in addition to that. Sometimes it is the sense of being chosen for a mission and feeling a burden of specialness. Other times it has been a more subtle presence that is sensed as a very powerful but elusive. It is described as a power beyond themselves and not quite of their own...and also not to be owned by them…at times positive, at times foreboding. It over-shadows their existence, perplexing and obviously menacing enough to seek therapy.

The work I have loved best has been with those who are dying or under the threat of death. It brings issues forth with an urgency and immediacy that can create great leaps in personal and spiritual growth. Threat of death can be a wonderful motivation for change in that way. And yet I have been seeing that same sort of "motivation" recently in those who were not dying, who have been motivated for an unknown reason into missions unknown. A fate worse than anxiety.


The work that ensues with these people quickly absolves a sense of personal shame, guilt, anxiety and past life limiting patterning into the awareness of the larger whole. A sense that the reason for their problem is not theirs at all, but the angst of a greater system at work. One imbedded in a clan, tribe, community, nation and universe.

The sense of these individuals easily moves into the awareness of a larger system at work. An individual awakening to a family destiny awakening to tribal destiny awakening to global destiny.

The work we do together begins to embrace the awareness of family mission that taps a source of immense creative power for the individual… synergy in a sometimes previously dysfunctional family. Instead of remedying or healing, it is an awareness of awakening into the power of the forward-moving mission of family. The individual mission dissolves into family mission and a synergy of life force emerges that enhances both the family and the individual.

So often we divorce ourselves from families and family members who irritate, annoy or abuse us. When we do that however, we also divorce ourselves from a mission that is present in every family. If we divorce ourselves from the family, we do not have access to the greater systems of tribal or global awareness. I see this often in those who always seem to be voicing a need to "heal the earth." I really think Earth will be here long after I will and will dispose of me and my race readily in the interest of her own health, well-being and survival.

At the same time, a critical mass of individuals has awakened in individual, family and tribal systems to stimulate a global sense of arousal. But lest we entrench ourselves too much in our anthropocentric arrogance...


Several year ago I had the opportunity to partake in a shamanic initiation in the Amazon. I had already been somewhat telepathic, however as a result of my adventure with the Conibo Shaman, I found myself in the jungle in the home of a Conibo tribesman. I was with a small group of like-minded adventurers with a guide....but my mind wandered from the pompous guide and I soon realized that the tribesman was communicating with me. He, in his beautiful brown naked skin, was wondering about this fair-haired pasty-looking woman ….why was she here? …where has she come from? And I could feel him inspecting my life and disrobing me of all the psychic energy that I use on a daily basis to maintain my home, my car, my culture, my belongings.

Naked I did feel in comparison to his simplicity, because as we explored each other’s minds in telepathic rapport, I appreciated for a brief moment the simplicity of his life. The humor of requiring a telephone in my culture when they "beam" to each other telepathically. I loved being in his simplicity, but I cannot give up my culture and can not give up the gratification I get when at the flick of a button I can hear a symphony orchestra or perform with an orchestra myself in a well-rehearsed opera.

No, I am willing to carry this psychic baggage. But what I miss, and regret more is the clutter it creates in our lives. Because in the jungle, I was aware of the dance of energy of the syngery between life forms that animates, nourishes and gratifies us mutually. I was the flying bird, I merged with the power of the spirit of the peak of Machu Picchu, the plants spoke to me and I listened. The Amazon embraced me in her life force as I poured my life into her. And together we were much greater than we were alone. This is the awakening.

The awakening is to life itself and the glory of all forms that enhance and beautify one another to the exclusion of none. We cannot ignore the soul of the animal nor the gift of the plant. Plant telepathy has been the most powerful spiritual gift far beyond the clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuitive or healing gifts I have received. It is the future of the survival of this race.


The shamanic initiation also gave me visions of UFO "blueprints." I had never sighted a UFO; however, several years previously, I had attracted no less that 500 abductees/contactees. Never really knew why, still don’t.

In Peru, I sighted something...a moving light...a bizarre event from the perspective of human behavior. There was a great deal of synchronicity about the event and the events that would happen in the future with the group I was traveling. There was a glimpse of a greater picture and very much the sense of each of us having a focus of the picture as a holographic plate broken into a million pieces each piece gives the image of the whole; however, the more pieces you piece back together the clearer the image. We are piecing together the image with the help of ...whatever they are...for


My spiritual life is strangely guided. My sense is that Gaia has an itch and I go to scratch it. Earth, as we, has longings and needs which, as a complex system, she seeks to fulfill. There were times when our race lived in harmony and respect with nature. To heal ourselves we need to remember our healthier times…remember how our bodies were without arthritis or chronic pain. Likewise, Gaia has a longing to remember her body at a former time when all life was respected and honored. I think because I remember those times, I am called back to certain places to help her remember, also. And so, I have traveled extensively and many times strangely with no idea of where I might be headed or what I might experience. During the summer solstice, I met a man who was called from Argentina just as I was called from West Virginia to help Gaia remember the life force of earlier times in Tiahuanaco, Bolivia. As we stood atop the sacred temple he asked me to say a prayer. I deferred to his more eloquent Spanish and he proceeded to pray the prayer that was in my English-thinking head. That is the nature of the awakening global mind. My guidance system is subtle...hardly more than an urge at times. And it always forces me to extend myself to accomplish the task. My dreams and visions through the summer have urged me to return to Egypt. The time is January 23, 1997. I will be there knowing that there a number of souls who love life as I do and are going to celebrate the birth of the global mind with me.

Susan Cafoncelli

Susan Cafoncelli is a mystic traveler and healer. Director of MindBody Connections in Charleston WV, Susan uses her REIKI mastery in her psychotherapy practice. As well as her training as a nurse and psychologist, she is a community leader in wellness and cultural enhancement. She was a charter member of the American Holistic Nurses Association and lectures frequently to professional organizations on healing. She hosts INROADS, a TV program on personal growth for the WV Library Commission.

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Celebrating the GaiaMind

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