St Johns wort.

A traditional European herb is now prescribed ten times more ftequently in Germany than prozac. Patients are being offered tablets made from the extract of the buds of the plant often referred to by its technical naine of Hypericum,In preference to the various chemically processed anti-depressants that are reqularly prescribed across America and the rest of Europe.

Recent medical research in the U. S. is now suggesting that St Johns wort isJust as effective as prozac in cases of mild to moderate depression.

It seems to be able to not only boost serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain-both these chemicals have a major effect on depression - but also to regulatemelatonin levels which are associated with SAD better known as SeasonalAffective Disorder. The beauty of this treatment is that unlike prozac and itsFellow anti- depressants it is far less likely to produce long term dependency or undesirable side effects.

St Johns Wort is a powerful remedy and should not be used without takingAdvice from a medical or herbal practitioner, but its current popularity in Gemany is a positive step towards widening the acceptance of herbal anti-- depressants. However, it could also one of the herbal remedies subject to the governments proposed new regulations.

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David, I have been treating a couple of women suffering from endrometriosis, this condition is often misdiagnosed as P.l.D. better known as Pelvic - - Inflammatory Disease. One lady who has suffered this affliction since the age fourteen, she is now thirty five, she has been under my care for the last year, I am happy to report that she is now cured of this crippling disease, she is now able to attend work without having to take days of work, every month. The other lady is also making good progress,and I continue to monitor her developments.

If there are any ladies suffering in silence, more often the only option offered is an operation known as a hysterectomy. As a herbalist I am duty bound to share this information for the benefit of those who wish to alternate, from conventional methods to traditional remedies.

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