Murder Attempt Fails to Stop Author
in Mission to Help Others

In March 1997 Jess Miller was administered the final dose of poison in what had been a deliberate programme of poisoning him by degree.

The intent was to keep all of the money Miller had invested in a financial project and in that respect the perpetrators have been successful to this day. But leaving Miller for dead was their mistake, for he survived the ravages of the Arsenic based Biological Agent along with a descent into Clinical Depression and set out from a zero financial base to create a worthwhile life for himself once more.

During his lonely period in the Darkness of Depression Miller found both himself and his future mission - to help others who themselves are facing Depression.

Although still suffering muscular, tendon and ligament breakdown from pesticide and organophosphate exposure that have only recently been identified, and now facing four week's hard going through a full Narcotics Detoxification programme to try and rid his body of this remaining poison, Miller today gives talks, counsels people all over the world both on email and one on one, has his own Stress & Depression Healing website: and has produced his awareness and healing book on the subject entitled 'We're All In This Together', currently available only from Lifetravellers.

Outlining who and what we are and what we might be supposed to be doing with our lives here upon the Earth, Miller takes us on the journey of showing us how we can slip unwittingly down the slope of Stress, what it is really like for anyone to be down in the Darkness of Depression and then leads our journey back up towards the Light by showing us all the things that we can do for ourselves to help our healing from whatever level of Stress or Depression is affecting us.

Giving us twelve simple, yet powerful therapies that he learned and used with great success himself, Miller's easy to understand way of explaining this daunting journey brings awareness to everyone of the way Stress can be affecting us and those around us. Already one reader has contacted the author to tell him that the book stopped them from committing suicide. Miller's reaction? Just to say this means it doesn't matter what happens from now on, his continued existence here upon Earth has been validated.

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