Why Hasn't This Cancer Cure Story Been Told?

For more than 50 years people from all over the world went to Ontario, Canada for cancer treatment with a simple herbal formula that gave miraculous results.

Why has this important news failed to reach millions of vitally interested people? The story of ESSIAC should be part and parcel of the natural healing lore of North America. Instead it is virtually unknown today despite the fact that it performed so well against thousands of cases of terminal cancer that it came within only three votes of being legalized by the Canadian parliament. Still, chances are you have never heard of it.

Now, thanks to APW, you will not only know the whole story, you will know the secret ingredients of this herbal formula and how to get the herbs and make the tonic yourself.

What price truth? The medical monopoly and government proclaim to have spent billions in search of a cure for cancer. Except for the jobs created, the "War on Cancer" has been an utter flop. That great "war" began in 1970 with President Nixon's appointment of Benno C. Schmidt as "Cancer Czar" and about twenty years later some truly valuable information squeezed out when the cancer establishment finally admitted that the standard methods used (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery) have lost the war - they don't work. That may be valuable information - but it's not good news.

How valuable is information that testifies to genuine victories against cancer? There have been several widely proclaimed, but suppressed therapies that indeed saved lives and restored health - Dr. Koch, Dr. Ivy, Dr. Gerson, Hoxey et al. However, one of the greatest of these alternative cancer stories - the story of ESSIAC has not been openly told. Such information should not be withheld from the people, but until now, it has been! You have a right to know that a simple herbal remedy was credited for curing thousands, and for relieving the pain of more thousands of dying cancer patients.

"There is a tragic and shameful irony in the ESSIAC tale," notes a Canadian magazine, "In the beginning, a simple herbal recipe was freely shared by an Indian who understood that the blessings of the Creator belong to all."

You have probably heard such shameful stories before. How greedy individuals with power over the cancer establishment suppressed possible cures because they, the owners of that establishment, could not have absolute control. It happened in the case of Dr. William F. Koch, for example.

The ESSIAC story is one that has not been widely circulated. Even the various "alternative" circles in the United States know little if anything about this fantastic herbal remedy and the role it played for decades in Canada.

APW heard the story and read Dr. Gary Glum's book "Calling of An Angel." Then our investigative skills went to work. The well written and documented book actually raised more questions than it answered, and it did not reveal the formula. We learned that there are present day charges and counter-charges marring the whole truth, and people with vested interests are squabbling over rights to the formula which had been used so well by the late Rene Caisse. This fabled nurse used the formula unselfishly for decades. ESSIAC, in fact, is her name spelled backwards.

So many terminally ill patients became well again that public pressure forced the Canadian Parliament to react in 1939. The medical monopoly pulled out all stops, yet ESSIAC came within only three votes of becoming a legal therapy for cancer. The medical establishment won the war of politics and propaganda - but helped lose the war on cancer.

APW'S Tom Valentine probed the story behind the story, and found out the whole truth with the help of sincere people, doctors and laymen alike, who have no special axes to grind.

Dr. Charles Brusch of the famed Brusch Clinic in Cambridge, Massachusetts (physician to John F. Kennedy) - not only tested ESSIAC on human patients, but proved its value against his own cancer. He continues proclaiming it's great value today. ESSIAC appears to be able to dissolve diabetes as well as cancer!

Excerpts from the book "Calling of An Angel" follows :
The ESSIAC formula :

Preparation of ESSIAC herbal tea :

Directions for use of ESSIAC


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