Vibrational Healing - Global Clinic

Dear David,

Thank you for the great work you are doing. I admire your integrity and your bravery. I have wanted to meet and talk with you for ages, but never seem to get through the net when you are here, in Cape Town.

My name is Edna Spennato. I am the sister of Paolo Spennato, who has the South African Global Changes website, He says the two of you have talked, via e-mail I think. I would like to let you have some information about a cutting-edge vibrational healing clinic based in South Africa which offers remote healing globally, on a purely donation basis: The Earth Heal Clinic. Working with dowsing and kinesiology, I and the other volunteers are able to clear stagnant/dissonant energy from, and harmonise, any living energy field, including people, animals, and houses, in collaboration with the Higher Self and guides of the client. The results are tangible and very powerful.

The healing method used, Synchronization Harmonics, is one which was channelled through to me by a collective of beings of light working for the highest good of all. It was given at this time of the Earth's transition to be used by lightworkers globally for the clearing and harmonising of the collective energy field shared by us all. If you are interested, I would also be happy and very honoured to do a remote healing for you personally, for you or your house or any mission needing some harmonising, as I am in full support of you and everything you stand for , and I believe you would greatly benefit from this additional protection. One actually has to experience this method to believe the results.

We are working with people from all walks of life here in South Africa, irrespective of what they are able to pay, but would like to let all people globally know about this clinic, the services of which are available to anyone, anywhere.

At this stage we remain happily unregistered with any governmental authority, and would like to remain that way for as long as possible! The work we are doing is subversive as it challenges conventional medicine and especially the pharmocopia industry.

With warm regards and thanks for a wonderful website.


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