Ritalin exposure-
by someone ADHD
who was lied to at a young age.

Dear Icke

I'm only 18 years old and interested in your studies. I read ''Children of the Matrix'' on medicine like Ritalin; it's all true.

When I was on Ritalin, I used to be violent, and act weird. Plus, I'd have a hard time moving around and I would even act shy at all times. than that's when I lost all of my friends.

After that, I got into plenty of fights and no one was there to protect me, and even when I reported it to the teachers and the principal, he'd do nothing about it. I was so afraid of a lot of things too , because that's another effect the Ritalin gave me. I was even afraid to talk, be seen, and even eat in the lunch room; I was completely paranoid and always made fun of. The Ritalin would also make me lose my appetite a lot and I wouldn't get hungry until late at night around 12:00 .

I've been through at least 6 different types of medication for my ADHD, but they've never helped me that much, except calm me down. My teachers always lectured my mom to buy medication to just cram it down my throat to shut me up. It was like the teachers could control my life, just by giving my mom a call on the phone and easily toss me on medication.

Until last time I took my medicine, I realized that I've practically been a mind slave to my medication. Let me explain, I didn't even have to think about the medication and I'd just take it; like I had reflexes for it. It's like you do something so many times you just do it without thinking about it. Anyway, I became more aware of medicine for my ADHD for a long time since that day, and I'm still trying to lay off of it and not be a medication mind slave.

Another thing I noticed about medicine, like Advil, or any type for headaches, is that I have not gotten sick for a long time because I have not used it in a long time and I rarely get headaches anymore too. I have not gotten sick in 3 years because of it. And it's the same thing with a friend of mine who hasn't gotten sick in 7 years. Well anyway, about the teachers .

The least thing I can do now is fight off the teachers with arguing, but it is getting tiring. My mom was concerned about my stress for struggling with ADHD , so she bought this book for me called ''Healing ADHD- the program that allows you to see and heal the six types of ADD - by Daniel G. Amen, M.D. .'' Anyway, I read part through the book and am having a difficult time trusting it because one of the pages .

It says listed in the introduction under where it says ''MYTHS'' , it describes, '' ADD is over diagnosed. Every child that acts up gets placed on Ritalin.'' I don't know about ''every child,'' but I do know one thing --- Many parents and teachers don't know anything about medicine, so what do they do? They cram Ritalin down their throats, because Ritalin can be used for many people.

There's no doubt in my mind that the medical industry is involved in a cover up, because some doctors told me that those violent effects of Ritalin are because those parents gave their kids the wrong prescription. But if that's true, why did all the doctors tell me the day I got put on Ritalin that this medication fits my prescription?

And many times I've been moved medication to medication and argued that I don't need anymore of it, but yet they still say the same thing about all medication I've ever taken. They always make up that lame excuse saying this medication fits my prescription. As you can see, I am very sick of medication.

Well, anyway, that book that I mentioned earlier also mentions in the beginning, '' healing ADD should be required reading for all clinicians and educators. Dr. Amens work should abolish the notion that ADD is merely a myth . His elegant brain studies make ADD understandable to a three year old and have brought psychiatry from 'witchcraft' to neuroscience''.

I'm not quite comfortable with that part because of your research on satanic rituals. But I dot trust him and these ADD doctors anymore, I can help myself, I like being independent I'm not a baby, they sure treat me like one.

Anyway, now there is nothing they can do to shove this medicine crap down my throat, because I turned 18 not too long ago and it would be illegal. Ever since I was a kid I fought and fought for my own rights and freedom of choice.

And now I'm free....I understand it's hard for ADD and ADHD people to concentrate or control there emotions but I learned the hard way, and now thanks to meditation I can control my emotions more then most adults. Its' hard being ADHD when I'm harassed by my teacher.

Whenever I speak my opinion on something he will say ''Don't listen to him -- he's ADD.

. It was hard handling all this stress I go through but meditation is keeping my cool. No one can break me.

Thanks for some answers David in your book ''Children of the Matrix''

Your friend.



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