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Rev. Ralph Fucetola, J.D.

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This paper explores the use of vibrational frequency as a form of Bioenergetic Nutrition(tm). The processes of consciousness and life are complex attunements of vibrational frequency. The essence of nutrition is not substance, it is energy. And the essence of energy is vibration or frequency.

It has become commonplace among students of the new physics to say, "everything is energy." In a precise, verifiable way, this claim is true, but not complete. That everything is energy is shown by Prof. Albert Einstein's great formula,

e = mc2

where e is energy, m is mass and c is the speed of light, a fundamental constant in the universe.

It is, as will be shown below, more accurate to say, "everything is frequency." The formula can more precisely be rewritten as:

hv = mc2

The formula for the energy of a wave is e = hv [Planck's constant of action is h and v (or sometimes, f) is frequency] -- the energy of a wave is its frequency times this constant. Therefore we can substitute hv for their equivalent, energy (e), thus, hv = mc2

Since h and c are constants of Nature, only v and m change: for every m there is an equivalent v. This, of course, means that the frequency is the substance, or, as Sharry Edwards has shown, the Brain Wave Multiple (BWM)tm can be calculated from the Mass.

Nutrition and Energy

What actually nourishes the fundamental activities of life? On the most physical level, what the little chemical factories of our cells use are the electronic valances, i.e., frequencies" of the elements and molecules we ingest.

We do not eat food. We eat energies. We live in a flux of frequency, both natural and created by human activity. Some of these energies are good for us, while some are not. For example, the 60 cycle per second drone of our AC electric systems is cited as harmful by a number of researchers; it overwhelms us with the note at the cusp of A# - B.

The Intense fields around high-tension wires are said to be linked to higher rates of cancer and CFS. What impact do the energies coursing through cellular phones have? Initial studies suggest they are baneful, yet plans continue to cover the countryside with transmission towers. Such potentially harmful energies can malnourish Bioenergetic nutritional needs. Feeding the various levels and subsystems (physical, etheric...) the energies they need supports the normal functions of the body -- as Bioenergetic nourishment for those functions.

Thus the right Bioenergetic frequencies will allow frequency reharmonization, bringing the whole system into a higher, more balanced energy level. The flow of bioenergy is life. Bioenergies nourish the life processes and are natural to those processes.

The body can be fed energy in various ways

Light, especially sunlight or full spectrum light, energizes and regularizes function. Dr. Rheems did major work in this field. Seasonal adjustment problems respond to light.

Precise sound frequencies reharmonize the vocal pattern through entrainment processes. Sharry Edwards is the great innovator of this BioAcoustics Technologytm. Since "everything is frequency" nourishing with the exact frequency (taking into account physical brain dominance and other factors Ms. Edwards has identified) is the Frequency Equivalenttm of nourishing with the substance. All of the biochemical processes of the body are linked by frequency relationships as elucidated by Ms. Edwards. One elegant example is the frequency relationship between two of the minerals that are primary constituents of bone: if you combine the frequencies for each, the combined frequency is the frequency of the amino acid with binds the two into bone!

Magnetism rebalances the body's energy structure, offering significant improvement to normal form and function. Dr. Philpott and others have brought the ancient art of magnetic healing to a very advanced stage.

Static charge maximizes Core Energy. Micro-amp stimulation is used to purify and detoxify, and has been widely publicized by Hulda Clark and Bob Beck. Edgar Cayce often recommended the Wet Cell (DC or static charge) and suggested that it could protect discarnate obsession or possession. Willhelm Reich's orgone energy has much in common with static charge. Typical body cells exhibit a surface static charge of 70 microamps, which appears to decline in fatigue and other negative conditions. Feeding static charge through the meridians will raise the whole energetic system with systematically harmonizing potential.

Generally, feeding biologically compatible energies to the person will have a normalizing benefit to the entire system. Natural biological energy, being normal to the experience of the body, nourishes the whole person. Being inundated by the wrong, or disharmonious energies -- by Bioenergetic pollution -- can cause harm.

"You are what you eat." is certainly true regarding the diet of energies we knowingly take in, or to which we unknowingly expose ourselves. Working with these Bioenergetic Nutritional concepts is not practicing medicine. It is nutritional work with Core Energy.

Describing Bioenergy Work

When counseling alternative practitioners, such as nutritionists, Bioenergy or BioAcoustic practitioners, the author of this paper, a practicing attorney with 25 years experience, often cautions them to watch their language. How the practitioner presents his or her work to the client is very important -- it lets the client know what to expect from the work, and helps to elicit the voluntary informed consent which is necessary before the practitioner can do the work.

What not to say is often as important as what to say.

There are a few words that an alternative practitioner must learn not to use, to avoid confusing the client, leading them to erroneously believe that you are practicing medicine, rather than offering an alternative or complimentary modality.

These forbidden words include:


"Diagnose" or, sometimes, "examine" is when an MD or other licensed professional examines a patient and determines the recognized medical term for the "disease" or "condition." Observing is not diagnosis, and an alternative practitioner can certainly note physical observables, such as voice frequencies, static response, biological terrain, nutritional stresses, etc. An alternative practitioner never diagnoses or uses medical terms that name "diseases" or "conditions," like "respiratory infection" for a runny nose or "arthritis" for painful joints.

"Prescribe" is when a licensed professional authorizes specific medication or treatment in writing. Recommending the use of bioenergies, herbs, supplements, frequencies, aromas, massage, etc., is not prescribing.

"Treat" is the process of providing drug materials or other recognized medical treatments for the diagnosed "diseases" or "conditions." An alternative practitioner does not "treat." Teaching clients how to change, so that the normal form and function of the body may be maintained or restored, is not treating. Providing non-drug modalities, such as magnetic energies, sound frequencies, Bioenergetic Nutrition, body work or massage is not part of orthodox medical treatment, and may be offered by anyone who has been trained in, or learned such complimentary wellness techniques. Recommending supplements to nourish the normal form and function of the body, and not to "treat" by changing form and function, is lawful.

"Cure" is when the observables (symptoms) from which the licensed professional deduced a "diagnosis" are no longer observed, and the patient is said to have been "cured" by the authorized "treatment," even if the patient is dead a few years latter. Alternate healers never claim to "cure" or even "mitigate" or "prevent" disease. Allowing the normal form and function of the body to be maintained or regained does not "cure" anything: if the person achieves wellness, the person self-healed through natural law.

So say what you do. You permit the body to find harmony or wellness, feeding it what it needs for normal form and function, and do not claim to "treat" -- which might just be another way to say, suppress the symptoms and pretend there has been a "cure". Saying the right words -- and not saying the "wrong" words -- goes a long way toward protecting your right to practice. Using words such as "normalize," "support," "maintain," "regulate" and "nourish" are appropriate words to use to describe Bioenergetic benefits and are the words which the FDA and FTC say are appropriate words to describe nutritional "form and function" benefits.


Reviewing these concepts, we note:

Medicine diagnoses specific "disease" conditions, then prescribes dangerous drugs and invasive procedures to change the normal form and function of the body in order to attack a "disease entity" or suppress symptoms. This is sometimes indicated in acute situations.

Nutrition, on the other hand, offers natural substances and energies that nourish the normal form and function of the body, allowing it to "achieve and maintain a healthy status."

The Principals of Bioenergetic Nutrition are similar to the

Principals of Physical Nutrition:

(1) The human body requires wholesome Bioenergetic Nutrition (which it can receive various ways);

(2) The body is malnourished by unnatural or other Inharmonious Fields and Energies (IFE's), and may need to be detoxified from the effects of IFE's;

(3) When fed the necessary energies at the right frequencies (potencies), there can be a reharmonization of the body's Bioenergetic Balance; and

(4) All body processes, including self-healing, require Bioenergetic nutrition. Bioenergetics, including BioAcoustics, is at the frontier of alternate modalities, at this time, when the right frequencies are the key to wellness.

In conclusion...

The first verses of the Book of Genesis explicate the creation of the universe:

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth... and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters..." (Gen. 1:1-2). The word "spirit" as used in the ancient world -- in Hebrew, Greek and even Latin, was the same as the word for "breath." And so the image is that of God's breath vibrating -- that is, creating frequency -- across the face of chaos, bringing order and structure.

Frequency is the primary reality; our experience of the world of matter is the result of that underlying reality.

Ralph Fucetola, JD

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