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Miami, 25 avril 2003

Dear Mr. Fred Cline Jr.

Once again, we are facing an artificially designed epidemic, the "Severe Acute Respiratory Sundrome" ("SARS"). For me, it is obvious that this "epidemic" is a new scientific scam masterminded mainly by the World Health Organization (including Peter Piot), the CDC of Atlanta, Pasteur Institute and the French association named "Médecins Sans Frontières".

Their strategy seems to be, once again, the following: 1) stealing the symptoms of a well-known disease (in this case, flu, the common, or common pneumia...) ; 2) sticking on it the label of "a new, unknow, deadly viral disease"; 3) Sending around the world "special agents" presented as "experts"; (eg our very own UK "expert" Dr Anderson of FMD scam fame, Dr Dixon--whale comment) 4) Sending in major media like Associated Press, Agence France Presse, Miami Herald to make a lot of noise.... ) 5) Spreading panic by announcing astronomic figures about the number of cases ans/or deaths 6) Announcing that a test and a vaccine have been found; 7) Harvesting millions or billions of dollars while earning incredible power over governments all over the world...I hope you have personnally seen the scam, given your experience in the field of "HIV/AIDS". Neverrtheless, I am sending you hereafter some of my comments sent or to be sent to some newpapers or associations (in English and French versions). I hope to hear soon from you.


P. S.: Do you know what happend to Continuum?







A few weeks ago, a "new epidemic disease" emerged in the world. According to Dick Thomson, Spokesman of the World Health Organization (WHO) and Klaus Stohr of the same organization, "SARS" appeared first in China in November 2002. Today, in China, there are, according to Chinese health officials, 37 official cases. But WHO (that has been proven to be in the recent past, one of the biggest manufacturers of fake epidemics around the world with the CDC of Atlanta), said the number of cases in China should be 5 times greater. So in the next future, when WHO announces a number of cases, one should have to divide that number by 5 to have a more or less accurate estimate of that "new Asian epidemic".

That technique of inflating the number of the already announced cases of a disease had been introduced into the World Health Organization (WHO) of Geneva by the Belgian physician Peter Piot, one of the main masterminds of the "HIV/AIDS phenomenon", which is to date the deadliest scientific swindle in the complete history of Medicine. At that time, Peter Piot had been vigorously challenged by another Belgian scientist, Dr. Gigase. We have already explained why the "HIV/AIDS phenomenon" is a deadly scientific swindle.

Let us briefly repeat here that it is because in the "HIV/AIDS phenomenon", thousands and thousands of people are "treated" with poisonous "medicines" (specially AZT and the so-called "antiretroviral medicines") against a virus named "HIV/AIDS" that had never been discovered and then does not exist. Let us remind that, when Dr. Peter Piot arrived at WHO in 1985, there were "318 cases of "AIDS in Africa".. The day after he took office, Dr. Piot (and Dr. Jonathan Mann) pushed that number to... 50 000 cases.

How is "SARS" diagnosed?

"SARS", which stands for "Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome", is diagnosed when the patient responds to the following criteria:

1) A fever of at least 100.5 degrees F (38 degrees C) ;
2) Breathing difficulties ;
3) A dry cough ;
4) Has traveled to the Far East
5) Has been in contact with someone suspected of having "SARS".

That's it!

No blood test is necessary. Partly because such "SARS" blood tests do not exist. And, given that such blood tests do not exist, biotechnology companies and other "money-making firms" are proposing some of them to the FDA (Federal Drug Administration), that will - or will not - approve them. Consequently, "SARS" is diagnosed even BEFORE the invention of the tests allowing to establish the diagnosis, as it has been the case for "AIDS". Remember that, in 1983 and 1984, thousands and thousands of cases had been diagnosed, while the test allowing those diagnoses had been designed only in January 1985.

Please, notice the following: all the symptoms of what is called "SARS" exist in several well-known conditions, including flu, the common cold, common pneumonia and other respiratory ailments. Notice that flu, the common cold (in French, "le rhume ordinaire") and pneumonia become "SARS" only if the patient has traveled to the Far East or met with somebody suspected of having "SARS".

So, American and French patients with all the symptoms of "SARS" (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) or in French SRAS (Syndrome Respiratoire Aigu Sévère) do not have "SARS", if they have not traveled to the Far East. Something similar happened in the field of "HIV/AIDS". With symptoms common to many different diseases and conditions, a person was considered as having "AIDS" if that person "had traveled to Haiti during the last 5 years". Now, the same reasoning is being applied to China and the Far East, only a few months after drug companies and WHO pressured the Chinese government to state, contrarily to what they had really noticed, that the so-called "HIV/AIDS epidemic" was taking apocalyptic dimensions in China..

But, where are the real facts?

Who, the CDC of Atlanta, Sylvie van der Verf of the Pasteur Institute of Paris (1) and Albert Osterhaus of the Service of Virology of the Erasmus Medical Center of Rotterdam (Holland) said that the coronavirus is the cause of "SARS". The coronavirus has been so far involved in the common cold (in French, "rhume ordinaire"). But as we have seen, no lab test -showing that "SARS" patients really have that coronavirus - is necessary for physicians to issue a "SARS" diagnosis. And even if that coronavirus had a causative role in what is called "SARS", it probably would take years for the real scientific evidence to be experimentally and methodologically established.

For the present time, if you blow your... nose (Floo-oo-oot!) in the presence of an American or a French physician, it is probable that he/she will ask you the following question (with the best intention of the world): "Did you travel to China/Etes-vous allé(e) en Chine?". If you answer is "YES/OUI", he/she will probably tell you that you have "SARS/SRAS". If your answer is "NO/NON", he/she will probably come to the conclusion that you have caught a (common) COLD/RHUME (ordinaire), probably caused by a coronavirus.

Consequently, it seems that a large-scale scientific swindle like the one of the "HIV/AIDS virus" is under construction, in what is related to the "SARS" epidemic. So, our physicians should be very cautious before issuing a diagnosis of "SARS" and we encourage the patients to use their commonsense and look for a second opinion when confronted to a diagnosis of "SARS".

News of false epidemics and fake medical discoveries constitute an efficient means for pharmaceutical firms to "make" millions of dollars, with the complicity of certain WHO's officials who easily walk over the usual rules of Ethics in this domain. As confirmed by Pr. Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize of Chemistry and inventor of the technique of Polymerase Chain Reaction (P.C.R.), during one of our conferences in Florida, it is relatively easy for medical scientists without scruples to transform former well-known pathologies into so-called "new diseases" with the aim of winning more money. They get such results mostly by spreading panic, provoking crowd reactions and other social disturbances. In brief, we are in a time when the life and the health of the patients matter little for a lot of those very people who are selected for taking care of them.

Henri-Claude Saint-Fleur
Clinical Psychology D.E.S.S.
(University of Lille, France)

Fighting fictitious epidemics (HIV/AIDS, hepatitis "alphabetic" viruses) and other "mass-hysteria-induced-medical phenomenons" since 1983

Author of:

1) Here are How and Why Dr. Luc Montagnier, of the Pasteur Institute of Paris, masterminded the "HIV/AIDS phenomenon", the most audacious scientific swindle of the 20th Century.

2) Scientific Argumentation to Rebut "HIV/AIDS diagnoses" put on Haitian Refugees and Immigrants from all over the World.

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Miami, April 18, 2003


(1) To make the things funnier, the Pasteur Institute recently announced to have discovered a new virus which, because of its size, "takes itself for a bacterium". This virus, is called " Mimivirus " (or "Catvirus": beware of the "Cat" having for name Luc Montagnier of the Pasteur Institute, the false discoverer of the false virus "HIV" of the false "AIDS"!). That "minivirus" should be even visible through the common microscope (optical microscope). Why not to the naked eye or with sun glasses? What a bad joke!

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