I should have let the lady fall!


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I was working as a Home-Support Worker for the Elderly and suffered a back-injury when I prevented someone from falling. (I should mention that the Home Support Association and the Compensation Board had told me I should have let the lady fall! However, I'm human!) My injury was severe enough that no conventional treatment worked (including painkillers which I believe caused me other problems) and after a year and a half I had a Discectomy and was sent for Rehab to the Workmens' Compensation Board. Initially they told me via letter that treatment would last 5-6 weeks, but upon arrival (very distant from my husband and children) they told me I would have to stay 6-8 weeks.

I was upset at this, but not overly upset, I just stated that I felt this was unneccessary to keep me there that long. I was sent to the Doctor at the Rehab Centre and she felt I would feel more comfortable by taking some Prozac as most patients at the facility were taking it and feeling better about the whole thing. I scoffed at the Doctor and told her that I wasn't "most patients" and that I wasn't in need of any Anti-depressant and that I was merely upset to have been seperated from my family. She spoke to me in a very unnatural manner, as if I was a child that didn't know any better. She literally insisted I take the Prozac!

I refused several times and so she made it mandatory that I see a Psychiatrist on a daily basis who scrutinized my every movement, my bodylanguage, my eyecontact, etc. I told him the same thing over and over: that I just wanted to get better and go home. He tried talking me into taking Prozac, too! The Prozac wasn't the only thing I experienced there, there were many strange going ons. A guy with the same injury and surgery was offered extensive jobtraining. When I asked about jobtraining for me, they told me I had a husband to support me. When I told them this was Sexist and Discriminatory they offered me $800 for a Correspondence Course. One girl whom I befriended was put on several painkillers (and Prozac), but had to continue with Occupational and Physiotherapy although her x-rays showed 3 fractured discs in her back. They made her lift weights for therapy! It wasn't surprising to me and others that she broke down in the Cafeteria and that Patients had to take her to Hospital as no one at the Compensation Board would touch her. I fell ill during my 6th week there with an unusual rash (from the pool) and then I came down with Asthma which I never had in my life before.

The Compensation Board is supposed to be Safety Oriented, however, my daily "therapy" included sanding woodfurniture without a dust mask. Then I became worse when on top of it all I decided to see a Doctor outside of the Board who took an x-ray of my chest and told me I needed to go home, get rest or I would end up in Hopital as now I had "Walking Pneumonia", apparently not severe enough for Hospitalization, but severe enough to require rest and some meds. I had noticed that the air at the facility was recycled and very dry. I ended up telling my adjudicator that I needed to go home and gave her the Doctors letter, upon which she scoffed that I merely had the flu (the letter clearly said the word "Pneumonia") and that if I left the Rehab Centre (I was living there full-time during my stay) that I wouldn't receive any further payments. I could leave on one condition: that I sign papers that said I was now ready to return to work. Well, I wasn't ready!

She then picked up the phone, did not dial anyone, nor do I believe that anyone other than her was on the line and pretended to hold a conversation with the Rehab Doctor. She spoke much to fast, usually there is a pause so that the other person on the other end can reply. The conversation was definitely a hoax as I'm not stupid. Anyway, I was told unless I signed papers I couldn't leave. I said:"I'm not signing a thing. I am leaving here because I need to get well not sicker." When I added that I was never coming back, she said:" We'll see about that". By that time I was severely exhausted and almost passed out because I had difficulty breathing and this made her smile. How wicked!

These people are cold-blooded. Well, they got what they wanted. I walked out , they cut of my payments and paid me a total of 1% disability (About $2000) settlement which was assessed by who else: a Compensation Board Doctor. This whole thing is and was planned by them. I could have and still could take a lawyer because they had blackmailed me, but the mental struggle and having to submit to their every whim was too much for meand my family. They had broken me down mentally, all according to plan. They were watching me at home for awhile after and it was so obvious.

A woman was videotaping me sweep my doorstep! I asked her what she found so interesting about me sweeping and she was making up something about being a tourist taping everyday life in my town. I smiled back and told her I didn't appreciate being put on tape while doing my exercise such as sweeping or picking up groceries. She looked surprised when I let her know that Tourists don't go around videotaping people for weeks on end. She quickly walked when I told her that I had been observing her also. I continue with my own therapy today such as bike riding, walking and yoga and am much happier and the Asthma is gone.

Tina Holden 04-03-01
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