The HiddenMysteries.org mission is to bring to the forefront the news that we as a race of humans should and need to be aware of.

We will supply the bad news around the world for informational purposes, but the news you seldom get to see is the mix we want to introduce you to. We have been gathering and monitoring links to news sources for over 9 years and are bringing the most important news 'n' views to you that are available throughout this world and other worlds too.

Some of the most important advances of mankind in human history have been ignored while the world watches the U.S. destroy another nation, people, and culture. Leaps in knowledge, archeological finds, advances in human understanding are being buried in mainstream media as the Bush-Blair regime of despair takes the forefront in their news-streams.

At the same time, when applicable, we will bring you links to today's latest and some of the rarest books related to the topics at hand. We will not be filling your email box with news on the hour or daily. Bookmark this site now and the news is yours at your command --- Not at the behest of someone else. Along with the news we will enlighten you with some of the thoughts, articles, and research of experts in related knowledge areas.

The information brought to you, if you are new to the area of 'truthseeker' knowledge will change your life. The truth seems to have a way of doing that. Knowledge will set you free, free in your mind, free to think and decide for yourself.

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