Copyright Foolishness

Hello, Folks;

It's time again! Time to blow off the miasmic smoke and nonsense perpetrated by the so-called Pay-triots and their lies foisted off on innocent unsuspecting good people who are seeking true liberty.

One of the most heinous and despicable lies is that of telling people to copyright their name.

Absolute bullshit.

One has only to read title 17 USC or American Jurisprudence, Volume 18, Section 43 - Copyrightable Items.

Therein it states clearly that names are not an item subject to copyright.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is deceiving you.

End of this story? Probably not. There are still idiots out there who won't believe this. What can I say?

God bless this great Republic!
Death to the New World Order!
We shall prevail!

Gun control is "first round on target"!

D. Tom

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