Expatriation, Sovereignty, National Bunk

Well, it's time for me to step on a few toes again, though I will try to do it as gently as possible.

There are a number of "Patriot" gurus touting the now timeworn, and largely unsuccessful concepts of expatriation and sovereignty.

These people tell others to characterize themselves, in legal documents, filings with the Secretary of State-national and state, court documents, and whatever as;

American-Sovereign-National-chief poobah elect of the de jure state of confusion...or whatever...non resident alien, etc., etc., etc.

Today I am going to deal with the word "national" in terms by which that word is seen by the governmental bodies politic.

As usual, youse guys out there are free to rebut, deny, show me I'm wrong, or whatever suits the moment.

Let's start with the term "alien" to mean "any person not a citizen or national of the United States." 8 USC§1101 (a) (3).

Okay, at first blush that looks great.

"United States nationality depends primarily upon the place of birth". Cabebe v. Acheson, 183 F.2d 795, 797 (9th Circuit 1950).

Where were you born? Was whatever state your birthing took place one of the several states, a compact party state, perhaps? Most likely so. That's how the citizenship attaches.

The term "national" came into use in this country when the United States acquired territories outside its continental limits who inhabitants were not at first given full political equality with citizens...the term national was used to include those noncitizens in the larger group of persons who belonged to the national community and were not regarded as alien..."

See Oliver v. INS, 517 F.2d 426. 428-427 n.3 (2nd circuit 1975).

What do we see in this statement? Well, one has only to look at the words "include those noncitizens in the larger group" to get a firm fix on reality.

In the same way the Supreme Court found, in Ashwander v. TVA with regards to relationship between benefit and duty owed, the INS and the federal government see this in terms of the primary requirement of jus soli (or right of birthplace) to attain noncitizen national status is based on the concept of sovereignty, with the duty of allegiance owed by the individual to his sovereign reciprocated by the duty of the sovereign to protect the individual.

The current term "national" was adopted in the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, ch. 477§101 (a) (22), 66 Stat. 163, 169. Rabang v. U.S., 35 F.3d 1449, 1452, n.5 (9th circuit 1994).

The simple conclusion is that when you are born in the geographic locations seen by the government as part of the United States, or several states (the currently accepted 50 of them) without arguing the State of New Columbia, you are seen as a U.S. Citizen.

When you say "HEY! Look at me! I am a national!" You have just reaffirmed your inclusion in the political body of said United States.

Look also at 8 USC§1408 for a confirmation. "Nationals but not citizens of the United States at birth". this says that even if you weren't born in the good ole U.S., by being a national, you are part of the wrong group.

Understand that in dealings with the government, the presumption is clearly that the government is the sovereign, you the dutiful national, citizen, resident...whatever.

In 1974, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, in Matter of Tuitasi , 15 I. & N. Dec. 102,103 (BIA 1974) tells you "Congress has established rigorous procedures which govern the acquisition of both lawful permanent resident status and United States citizenship for aliens. Nationality has attributes akin to each of these."

WHOA!!! What they say? Yep! Here it is again, a "national"? Is that really what you want to call yourself?

Will someone out there get real? Stop the hooey, now!

Remember the old "Turn In A Pusher" anti-drug program?

Perhaps we should have a new version. "Turn In A Paytriot".

Stop these morons who are selling verbal snake oil without really knowing what the ingredients are, and getting people into trouble.

Perhaps in the next few days I might feel like giving you some refreshing ideas on the concept of sovereignty issues. We'll see how my mental state is after recovering from the stress of writing this article.

As a closing observation, I notice the TV news stations showing stories of all the sheeple, the lemmings, lining up at the early polling stations to cast their votes, as they cascade in undulating sheets of nodding heads off of the high cliffs of the political cliffs they have been lured to, and fall happily downward into another 4 years of the same old story.

How pitiful! Shame on ya!

God bless this great Republic!
Death to the New World Order!
We shall prevail!

D. Tom


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