Redemption-Strawman Hazard

Hello, Folks;

For those who are still mentally embedded in the Redemption-Strawman-Commercial Paper mode, let me relate to you the latest story in that arena.

A couple of years ago a fellow named Jim McBride, of the Columbus, Ohio area, was extremely active in applying these types of things to various activities in his life.

The Federal government took great exception to his doings and arrested, tried, and convicted him of numerous charges, and sentenced him to 84 months in Federal prison.

He undertook the usual appeals process through his attorney. At the same time, he also began a flurry of paperwork using the Redemption-Strawman type of procedures, and continued same for many months.

The prison authorities repeatedly told him to stop, yet he continued onward.

The result was his being thrown into "the Hole" (Administrative Segregation), given an increased security level, and shipped to another higher security facility.

After a while, his appeal was heard. The appellate court granted him relief and remanded back to the District Court for resentencing on a reduction.

When he showed up in court, the judge issued a ruling to the effect that his onslaught of paperwork was evidence of his not learning the lesson. The court then increased his original sentence by 13 months.

The moral of the story? Right, wrong, or indifferent, getting involved in the Redemption-Strawman types of theories and procedures is extremely hazardous to your freedom.

He might have a chance at further relief by appealing the new punishment, but it will be several years before that will be heard.

Do you think the judge cares? Think about it! There's a lesson to be learned from this and other examples. Are you smart enough to learn it?

God bless this Great Republic!
Death to the New World Order!
We shall prevail!

D. Tom

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