Rennes le Chateau's
Legendary Mystery Solved

The Visigoths were barbarians who looted the likes of Athens and Rome under Alaric (370 - 410) and deposited that wealth at their stronghold. These axes of power in turn siphoned the treasures and high knowledge of Jerusalem and the rest of the civilized world.Yet the babeling speech from which "barbarians" is derived strikingly contrasts with the Tower of Babel knowledge that drew us through an Greek esoterica labyrinth to an epic complex of treasure vaults.

Our testimony is that we stood over the unknown depths of that vault complex on a mountain top called "The Rock" in the legendary seductive Languedoc region of southern France; 2.8 miles from the esoterica Temple of Jupiter - Rennes le Chateau. The vault was once accessed from the foot of The Rock, from a still intact ancient well engineered to mirror David's covert well entry and conquest of Jerusalem.

The group inextricably linked with this vault, the Priory of Sion, has openly claimed to possess Solomon's Temple treasures. They have been waiting patiently to bring an enlightened government to at least the people of France - the restoration of Jesus' heirs to the 'throne'. The Rennes le Chateau vault is the master key to their plans.

How the Visigoths or their Knights Templar heirs apparent 'treasure mapped' a 4 mile Southern Cross constellation to the ground without the combined output of 20th century astronomy, global positioned satellite (GPS) coordinates and a scientific calculator remains a mystery. And this was simultaneously done with a universal language prose not seen before.

Many of our submissions are high tech and the mathematical proofs unassailable. The romantic elements alone mesmerize via very ancient, Atlantean-class ruins and an alchemist's landscape. We are Crusaders and these are the fruits of our Inquisition...

Mysteries Unsealed