What's This?

Stonehenge, Planet X
and the Tower of Babel


This could be the most exciting discovery of the latter 1900s:

* The Real Babel

It gave rise to this stunning mathematical formula which gives compelling evidence for a 10th Planet orbiting our solar system:

* Astro Equation

The really exciting part is here:

* Stone Equation

which shows how the builder of Stonhenge KNEW about the maths ruling our solar system and hence the existence of at least one more planet out there. You can even roughly predict where this planet is, what its orbit is and possibly even its size and weight.

The author has been fighting to be published for over 20 years. He has been rejected from all forms of publishing media: Books, scientific journals and even simply academic papers. No-one in the academic world wants this information out there. No-one in the publishing world wants this information out there.

Let's get this information out there!


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