Born Again Christians
Practicing Ritual Abuse

Copy of letter sent to Austen Currie
and then sent to Dept of Justice.

by Jim Cairns

This statement is a copy of one sent to Austen Currie TD in Nov 1996.

It is a detailed account of events and what I discovered and what came to light after a murder attempt on me in Aug 1994.

I fled to KK in Aug 1994 and after I discovered my exwife was behind the murder attempt on myself, or should I say, the murder attempt could not have taken place without the co. operation of my exwife. I sent a statement of what happened to me, prior to the murder attempt in Aug 1994, to Austen Currie TD. This means that I sent two statements to Austen Currie TD, one in 1995 and the other in 1996 Nov.

The statement enclosed is a copy of the second statement which I sent to Austen Currie TD. The evidence only unravelled slowly over these four years. I also have audio tapes to back up my story.

I have no doubt that the IRA and the UVF are involved in my problems, I have no doubt that the one common denominator in both organisations is the Born Again Christians, and I have no doubt that that organisation is nothing more than a Satanist organisation involved in ritual murders...

Just to remind you how this all started.

After the murder attempt in Aug 1994, I realised I could not flee to Scotland or England as they would be expecting me to go that way. My exwife just before the murder attempt had suggested that myself and her should resettle in KK. This was just a rouse as she was never serious, that was just to get me into her company to set me up for murder. She came back to me on the 1st Aug 1994, after I told her I had been followed while walking the dog and I would not walk that route again.

Anyhow after the murder attempt, I asked her, could I go to Kathleen Daly. s house in Freshford , KK, as I did not want to go to Scotland. Kathleen Daly was her friend when they worked in Whiteabbey Abattoir in Co Antrim. She worked in the abattoir in the late or early seventies. Kathleen Daly married John Daly who came from the Falls Road, Belfast, and they moved to KK in the early seventies.

She agreed that I could go to Daly's after the murder attempt and I stayed there for two days and then I got a flat in KK belonging to a lady called Marie Henderson, in Rose Inn Street. Later I got a house to rent at my present address at 10, Troysgate, KK about Oct 1994. Anyhow, it was late Nov 1994 or early Dec 1994, when I discovered that my exwife had set me up for murder and I still have tapes and more recent tapes of conversations between myself and her. After Dec 1994, when I would not trust her again, so I realised that her friends would have to find some other way to set me up, rather than using her.

About mid 1995, two people moved into the vacant house at 11, Troysgate, KK. Because I knew how the paramilitaries thought, I half suspected this person of being a possible spy. You see, if he saw me putting my dog into the car while I carried my black grip bag, they could be waiting for me as I crossed the border.

I was later proved correct to suspect this person. When I realised my exwife had set me up for theUVF. I just knew that there had to be a Republican involvement, because she has always been a bitter Republican. She was in Sein Fein when I first met her in 1970. This is what she told me then and I am not lying. Since we separated in 1980, she must have met a Republican, or joined the IRA; be cause she had been trying to get the address and telephone number of my in-law who is English and an ex-partrooper who is in the RUC. She kept asking me where he lived and I would not tell her, and then she would go through my note-books when I was out of the room.

Anyhow I made two journeys back north in late Feb 1995, I have not been north since. I met you in Dublin just after this time, because I felt frustrated at the great evil which had been put on me.

On my last return from the north, I came back to find my other car ; a green Escort, had its windows smashed.

My next door neighbour, who is called David Ryan, told me it had been smashed on the Sat night after I left on the Friday. In the days and weeks ahead, at the back of my mind, I suspected this David Ryan. On one occasion I noticed a Rover Montego 90 KK estate outside Ryans house. It came many times after. One day I was invited into Ryans house and I was introduced to Ryan, s friend who was a Mike Attwood. He had an English accent, as by the way so does David Ryan. Ryan apparently was brought up in England, and after Mountbatten's murder, Ryan came back to Ireland, according to what Ryan was to tell me.

Anyhow, on meeting Attwood, I was told that they were both some sort of Born Again Christians. Ryan suggested that I should visit their church on the Carlow Road, Kilkenny. It was just a large red brick house set in its own grounds. I declined the offer to this church house.

Deep down I did not trust these people. My instincts told me that they were just not right!!! You see when I was 14 or 15 , I had a religious experience in the Salvation Army. But I was not strong enough to live up to the standards required!!!

I was not strong enough to be a Christian in a housing estate where I lived. Also my sisters have been life long Christians, one Chuch of Ireland and the other a Baptist. So I know a bit about true religious groups. Ryan and Attwood, proved as time went by, that there was something very wrong with this so called Church!!!

Ryan showed his bible to me, which was an expensive item with gold tabs. I had some discussions in his house about the bible. The subject of the bible came up and Ryan said that the Jews deserved to die because they denied Christ.


Next Ryan, to my astonishment, argued that it was not wrong to kill, and he quoted the bible, the Old Testament to back up his story.


Meantime he told me he had pornographic videos in his house.


HE once put on a video of "The Life of Brian". I was not impressed! He found it hilarious and laughed loudly at the blasphemous jokes.


Meantime I decided it was not safe to travel north again, so after a while Ryan started to make suggestions that I should visit this "Church" on the Carlow Road., KK. I declined the offer, next he wanted me to take him and his wife to Tralee in my car for a day out. I declined! Next he wanted me to take him to Dublin for the day out. I declined! He became very pushy and kept pressuring me to do certain things and go certain places.

By this time I began to get concerned as they were getting impatient, as I was not making any attempt to go north. By the way, Ryan had told me that he had been in the Irish Army and he had photos to prove it. He also told me he was still in the employ of the army in some sort of context.

He said he was paid 3000 pa still. He had no visable employment but I later discovered he had a moble phone( in those days this was a luxury) On one occasion his wife told me that they did not have a phone.

After March 95, and in the following months, I realised more and more that this Church , which Ryan belonged to, was not what it seemed. I asked Ryan on one occasion, what his church was called, and he replied, "just the church". However on the next occasion, he had discovered the name for this church. He said it was the Church of the Resurrection or something like that.

In other discussions he told me that at this church they entertained the homeless and the down and outs. He said that on certain occasions he had to physically eject people from the premises. He also told me there had been several attempts to burn the place down. The more I heard the more I got concerned about these people, so I mentioned this to Roy Magee(Rev) one night in mid 95. When Magee heard that a church was involved, he became very excited. He wanted to know everything and I told him all that I knew. He told me later that a personal friend of his was murdered during the troubles, because HE HAD DISCOVERED ABOUT THE ACTIVITIES OF THE RICH AND THE POWERFUL.

I Am taking a liberty in telling you this and I hope Roy Magee is not too angry with me but I think this is very relevant. I will leave the naming of this person to others. (add. Dec 1999. Robt Brad ford. Rev. ) Magee apparently went to influencial persons in the north but he was told this church was okay. Magee some how made contact with a "Rev. Woodside" from Kilkenny and it was Woodside who persuaded Magee that this "church" was okay. Woodside has been the main obstacle, who stands in the way for me to convince people that there is something wrong with this "church".

By the way, the Rich and Powerfull, he was referring to, would be people in the loyalist or British communities.

The first person in Kilkenny who told me of this church was someone I met in-passing. This person told me, in a conversation, that this church had been set up by an American and there were rumours that a paramilitary group was involved. He told me that a local auctioneer, Seamus Calanan, was its Bishop.

Well after Magee told me this church was okay, I was not happy because this church was like no other church that I had ever come across Ryan was just not right!!!

Next I was "directed " to a religious councellor in the area by my former landlady. His name was Dick Moore"this was to prove fatefull", Bagnalstown, Co Carlow. I first met this person after dec1994 when I found out that my exwife had set me up, as I needed someone to to confide in. I had to talk to someone as I had not slept for a week and a half. I also confided in my doctor and my local Church of Ireland minister. "

Time only has shown to me the control that the Born Again Cult has over this town!!! You do not prosper in this town unless you are a Born Again" There was also an expose~ in the local radio and KK People. That a local Garda was a paedophile. High ranking !!!

I went back to Dick Moore and asked him if there were any groups in the area involv ed in activities which were unnatural or unchristian?

He plainly stated that there were a couple of groups operating in the area and the y were involved in Satanism and demonology. He said that they were mostly from the Rich and influencial people. He mentioned that the dissapearance of three men in Cork, involved the strong suspicion of Satanism. I was told that the house adjacient to the house in Wellington Terrace

Was plastered with satanic slogans. He also had the suspicion, which he heard from others, that there was no will to investigate these matters by the authorities. !!!!!!!!

On looking back on these events and judging by what has happened in Belgium and what Magee has told me, the similarities between Ireland and Belgium does give rise to the question, " is the same thing happening here?"

I am sure that you have seen the Irish News of the World, June 96, in which TD John Mulvihill, EX LAB, was concerned about the possible murder of a baby by Satanists!

It was Dick Moore who first showed me this newspaper article !!! Every Tuesday I met Dick Moore at a bungalow on the Bennetsbridge Road, KK, owned by a Mrs Dunphy. Moore also had a church at Castledermot, and aclinic at Portlaoise. Also I have discovered that Moore's group are also Born Again Christians!!!( catholics)

Why during the two years I was in contact with Moore, did he not tell me he was a Born again Christian???? The newspaper article on the Satanists that Moore gave to me; I sent to Rev Roy Magee to try and convince him of the seriousness of the situation.

He was for the first time awakened to the possibity that there might be something to my story.

Meanwhile to date, I cannot link Mr John Daly, Freshford, with this group in KK. But on the second day in Aug 1994 when I stayed at Daly, s house in Freshford; John Daly, s wife, Kathleen told me that John, s nephew was involved in the IRA. Also I was told by Dick Moore, that this church had IRA involvement.

If I could find out if John Daly or his wife had contacts with any of this group, then everything would fall into place.

By the way, there are two others whom I have seen with Ryan, but I do not know their names. A regular visitor to this church is a man, black hair and glasses, slim build about 5ft 8ins, and drives a Honda Prelude, 84 ts 373, white. A second man drives a large Volvo Estate 91-d-15776.

When I first moved into this house in Troysgate in Oct 94, I was very edgy and I kept an eye out for anything suspicious. You know yourself the instincts that you acquire while living in the north. I first noticed a large estate car on several occasions, stopping outside the local pub when I was at the phone box. It just stopped for a minute and then went off. On another occasion at the phone box, a car very similar to it, reversed up to the phone box and stopped. It was dark at the phone and I could not see inside, but after a minute it drove off without anyone getting in or out.

Finally, it was definitely linked to Ryan one day, when I saw it stop outside Ryan's door, and Ryan got into it I have recently seen the driver of the Volvo and he is a dark man with greying hair, an intelligent type, a businessman perhaps, not like Ryan and Attwood. Attwood looks like David Irvine of the UVF, only with hair and brains to match. Meanwhile in June 95, I showed no sign of going north, there were several things that happened, but I cannot prove that they took place, so I will tell you the things that I can verify.

I phoned my exwife in order to talk to my children, but she would not let me speak to them. She told me to write to her and let her know when I was coming north. I would not a gree as I did not trust her with my movements. The next day or so I phoned her mothers house which is two doors from my exwifes at 72 Cavehill Road, Belfast. I told her, Pat, my exwife, would not let me speak to my children and I asked her to speak to Pat and ask her to change her mind.

Next day I phoned the mother-in-law, and was told that Pat would not agree. I am afraid that I lost my patience and said to the mother; you know that there was a murder attempt on me in Aug 94? The mother said, surely you don, t think Pat had anything to do with that? I kept silent, the mother then said that she would see a solicitor. Next day I got a call at my front door from Mr John Daly, of Freshford, . I invited him in and he stood at my kitchen door, . He said that I should write and tell Pat when I was coming north to see the children. I told him I would not agree and would not tell Pat my movements.

At this time no proof that John Daly was involved but what he said next totally proves his involvement. I said, you know that Pat set me up, and to my astonishment he said; "Maybe but you are keeping it going". It did not sink into me fully until he left the house, the implications of what was said. I believe John Daly could not help himself, for he said it with relish and a smirk. I had also told him I had been in touch with influencial persons.

I met Austen Currie in Dublin on one occasion, early 95 after I met his secretary Miss Murphy in Blanchardstown civic centre.

After I told Daly that I had been in touch with influencial people, he left. Several days later, I got a call from a local Garda, Det Luke Kelly, whom I had met several weeks previously when they came to me after I had complained to my local clergyman about Ryan, s behaviour. They came with a search warrant, "they said", saying that my exwife went to the RUC, a seargeant Black, Antrim Road RUC, Belfast. She said that I was a danger to her with my gun; and she must have told them that I had my gun in the Irish Republic.

This was the 7th June 95, and she said that I had recently threatened her with my gun. But I have on tape, my sister verifying that the last time I was north was just before I met you in Dublin in March 95. The last time I was north was when I went up to see my mother in the City Hospital when she was ill. She left the City Hospital


Have been seen by someone of the rank of inspector, seeing that I was alleging that a murder attempt had taken place, and I had named my exwife.

Anyhow nothing happened in Kilkenny for a month or so. It was about Sept when I sent the statement up north and just before Hallo. een 1995. Ryan next door got a lodger. Ryan said he was his cousin from Wexford. Hw was a young man with long hair and wore a ring in his ear. Anyhow at Halloween I got my car plastered with toilet rolls and eggs. In previous weeks I had mentioned to certain people that I was thinking of moving to another house or flat.

Meanwhile it was just 8 or 9 after Halloween, it was Tuesday night, I think, Ryan and his lodger came to my door. Ryan carried a hammer and his lodger stood behind him. Ryan grabbed me by the throat and he said he said that I had been to the Gards, and they had talked to him in a pub about me. He threatened to hit me with the hammer and he said if I go to the police again, the locals would sort me out and I would not get a second chance. Anyhow this all happened at my door at about 12. 30am Wednesday morning.

At 1:00 am on the same night, Ryan took a radio into his yard and placed it outside my bedroom window. He played IRA and religious music until 6am next morning. Ryan told me, he got his tapes from somewhere in the Ballyclare area, Co Antrim., and this is where I used to live before I came to Kilkenny.

I did not sleep all night and I was shattered. Meanwhile several of my neighbours complained and shouted down at Ryan to stop the music or else. Ryan turned the music off, went into the house but came out again with a mobile phone. This was the phone his wife said he did not have.

He was obviously annoyed at the neighbour who lives on the other side of me, at no. 8.

He began talking to an imaginary person on the phone, acting as if he was using a password and instructing this person to pull my neighbour because he was interfering. Any-how next-day Wed, I came out to my car to find the window broken. Ryan came out at the same time and got into a taxi, he and his lodger were beaming smiles as I stood at the car waiting on the Gards.

That was a terrible night and I instructed my solicitor and then I told the Police what had happened. Meanwhile I remembered this time especially because two days after this Jo Jo Dollard went missing.

Remember Ryan is supposed to be a Christian.

One or two nights later Ryan shouted in my front door, which has a glass panel, "you -------- bastard when are you going to move?

I would just like to add one thing, on one occasion I found that my rear window had been forced. Only two screws which I had fixed to the window frame, stopped the window from being forced. The screws had been forced down wards, I had left the window partly open but the screws had stopped the window from fully opening...

On one other occasion, I found my kitchen skylight screws were loosened, and these were accessible from the outside.

I had been watching for this possibility and it happened... The only neighbour I suspected was Ryan and I was correct in what I saw and was proven correct by Ryans deeds.

Meanwhile several weeks later, the Gards arrested a youth who [they] said had damaged my car and they said he had no IRA connections. [It was just a random deed on the way back from the hospital] Strange, on the same night that Ryan had threatened me and played that dreadfull music. COINCIDENCE?

Meanwhile, the person who I was confiding in, Dick Moore, had told me that the IRA were involved in Satanism and they were mostly wealthy people in it. HE IMPLIED THAT SOME GARDS SOME JUDGES were implicated.

The question is, are all these things which have happened to me, just a coincidence or has there been a great effort made to abduct me from Kilkenny, without any suspicion falling on Kilkenny? Is it a coincidence that this group, which I am convinced is involved in Satanism, has picked on me ? Or is it possible that my exwife had joined the IRA and subsequently got involved in Satanism by some one, she is infatuated with?

On one other occasion David Ryan told me that he and Attwood travelled by car to N. Down area. How can people with IRA connections go into loyalist areas. Also in 1995, Ryan told me that Attwood bought his Montego estate in Prentices Cars, Ravenhill Road, Belfast and then he would travel to the Shankill Road, Belfast. Is this a way the IRA and Loyalists have of communicating with each other ? Could I say that I am only speculating on this as I have no proof.

But I have been told by a trustworthy friend, whom I know is a 100% genuine, she told me, after I told her of the trouble I had been getting from my neighbours, . She knew that David Ryan was involved with Seamus Calanan, and she said that a relation of hers said these people were vicious. She said she would ask her relation next time she spoke to him and see what these Born Again Christians were all about. A period of time went by and I was talking to this lady in her house, I did not prompt her to say anything. It was spontaneous, this group was mentioned, Calanan etc, SHE SAID THEY WERE IN THAT PETTY DEMONOLOGY. Apparently, her son had got involved with them, and they tried to recruit him, but he rejected them. His name is Shane Henderson, son of Marie Henderson of Roseinn Street, KK.

Anyhow I had written to RUC Headquarters and it was much later in 1995, early 1996 when I received a written reply. My solicitor has the letters at present. Apparently the complaint was handled by Inspector Wooley in the RUC, the man I had said had acted suspiciously. I have no confidence at all in this person to give an honest investigation. It is an unbelievable situation I find myself in, firstly to be involved with and living near very dangerous people, but to discover a completely different and equally dangerous and evil world on the opposite side with the one direct link and that is my exwife.

I have no doubt that what has happened is to protect her from being investigated. and put under pressure. I believe that she has much serious knowledge of great evil and criminal deeds and they are doing everything to keep her from being investigated.

So much has happened since I came to KK that it is hard for me to recall everything. One other occasion, just after I got a religious tract put on my car, it read, THE TIME HAS COME, and it was printed many years ago, I think 1968. I took my mini-recorder with me, in my pocket, and I went to Ryans front door. I was wary to turn it on, in case he heard it, but I wish that I had, for the conversation was very important evidence which I missed.

I tried to get Ryan to talk about my exwife, because I knew he liked to boast and to rub salt in the wound. He said that my exwife was a slag, I said to him, [you know she set me up and she is involved with a Republican] Ryan said, [yes and he is a bad bastard] Ryan said, [she is in deeper than you think]. I swear that Ryan did say these things.

Meanwhile in 1996, St Pats day, my exwife came down to KK. One night my doorbell rang and I looked out of the spy hole. It was my exwife, she now calls herself Pat Murray. I told her I would not let her in and she went away, to Dalys house in Freshford. Next day I got a note put through my front door. It said she wanted to speak to me, and she would be at Dalys house in Freshford. I was not going to phone her but on the spur of the moment, I drove down to Dalys house and confronted her in front of John Daly and Kathleen Daly. When I arrived at Dalys house, at the back door, my exwife came out expecting me to be compliant but when she saw the expression on my face, she realised her game was up. I went into Dalys kitchen and said, in front of the Dalys, she had set me up. I made it plain where I stood and they did not seem surprised when I said I had been in touch with a TD. I also said that John Daly had on the previous occasion, in my house, had admitted that my exwife had set me up. He put his head down and denied this.

Det Luke Kelly and Det Jim Ryan, arrived at my door with the statement which I sent to Austen Currie TD. Apparently it had lain in the Garda station for weeks and had not been acted on until I phoned John Mulvihill. and complained. I went to the Garda station and I was interviewed by these two. A day or two later someone banged on my front door and I went to Ryans door thinking it was him. He ran down the hallway and attacked me. A brawl ensued and I managed to wrestle him to the ground. When he got up to his feet, spontainiously he said , MY EXWIFE HAD TOLD HIM IN A PUB THAT THE LOYALISTS WANTED ME BECAUSE I WAS A SUPERGRASS. This proves that my exwife is IRA who is in touch with the UVF and certainly proves that she set me up. Whether I am a supergrass or not is rubbish, because I was never in the UVF or any paramilitary group, but I do have enemies who are UVF from my youth.

I still believe that Kathleen Daly has no knowledge of what her husband is involved in and that he is not only involved sexually with my exwife but almost certainly is IRA along with her and others. And the worst part is, there is a high probability that they are involved in satanic practice. I cannot prove this completely yet, but if I can prove that my exwife has met anyone in this group, Calanan, Attwood or others, then I don't think there is any doubt that this is what she is involved in. It could be Attwood who is controlling her. In Aug 1996 my exwife came to KK for a holiday.

This is typed in April 1999, [Note I believe that the Satanists have planned to murder my daughters in this month, they have got the girls used to coming in Aug every year, and 1999 is a very dangerous year because of the significance of the millennium. , many young women have gone missing in July and Aug, this has been proved. ]

In Aug 1996 I was not supposed to know she was here, but one day I was going into Dunnes Stores, KK, and she was standing at the doorway looking into the store. She was well dressed in bright green jacket and white slacks. I walked past her and let on I did not see her. When I came out of the store, she was gone so I went up the same street to tell my solicitor, David Dunne. He was not in so I came out only to see my exwife turn on her heels as she saw me come out of the door. I followed her up through the town but I lost her in SuperQuinn complex.

I walked through the large multi-story carpark but I did not see her. As I came out of the main gates of the carpark, I saw Attwoods wife drive into the carpark, Montego 1991, I walked back through the town to my car at the back of Dunnes Stores, I saw my exwife walking towards Dunnes alongside the River Nore... I was in my car, I ignored her, and she me.

The question arises, is after all I have accused her of, why did she come to KK for her holidays. ? Am I right that she is being controlled by people in this area ? Is it a coincidence that I saw Attwoods car and my exwife in the same area the same time? Attwood lives 10 miles outside KK, Stoneyford. Is it only a coincidence that this group, [Born Agains], have been behind my troubles?

Calanan owns the house that Ryan lives in, but was sold in 1997 when David Ryan moved out of No. 11 Troysgate, KK.

All these things, you might say are coincidence but the facts prove that I had two cars smashed, stolen, items stolen, intimidated by Ryan, I can prove all this as the Gards have records. The Garda might say that they are only coincidence but I do not believe this. If these people are IRA and they are wealthy people, they will have influence within the Garda and within the Irish special Branch.

So who will believe my story, but as this is Oct 1996 and things are coming to light every day now about corrupt Garda. A similar story is coming to light in Belgium recently, there have been missing people too, and it has been proved that Police, lawyers, an EU Commissioner are involved in a coverup in which satanic practice was alleged in the murders.

Just the other day I heard on the local KK radio that a Mr O, Halloran had said that a local Garda been involved in procuring children for peidophiles for years. In the light of what is happening in Belgium and the terrible murders in Cork, where three men were dismembered and rumours there of satanic involvement. Is my story so unbelieveable?

Are these people, at the very highest level in the Irish security forces, trying to make it look as if I am making this all up? Is it possible my story is true....

On the Friday night in Aug after I saw my exwife, I got a call at my front door, it was my daughters, Suzanne and Gabrielle. I have to consider in the light of what I have discovered, my twin daughters could be the true interest of these Born Again Christians. With such terrible evil involved, is it possible that a mother could agree to the murder of her daughters?

But maybe my exwife does not know what these people have in mind. Is this so improbable, if they can murder a baby then their next great evil could be for a mother to kill her own children, her mind has already been poisoned against me.

I had not seen my daughters for 1 and a half years. Suzanne was mature and glamorous and Gabrielle was tall, slim and sensitive and not so assured looking. Anyhow they came in only for ten minutes. Apparently they had been down for a week, they had been going on bus tours alone. Their mother would not tell them where I lived until this night just before they were due to go home. Ten minutes was all I saw them for. Apparently the demon herself had been outside in Daly's car. My children know that I am accusing their mother of setting me up, but they choose to believe their mother, not me.

Also the RUC will not investigate my case because the UVF have a hold over them and now the Garda seem to be partisan to the Republicans. What chance have I of justice?

The only chance for myself and others who have been victims of this evil, is for the democrats on the Irish side to realise what has been happening within the IRA and anticipating what they are probably planning for the future. To face up to this great evil and make it public and let the nation know what is going on.

Undoubtably there will be those within high office who will try to smother any investigation. Also, to what extent have similar things been happening in the north and in Britain. One other thing I would like to mention, the person in whom I confide, in the KK area, ie, Dick Moore informs me that the satanic groups usually pick on people who have no family ties and who would not be missed.

I remembered what Ryan told me before he realised he could no longer con me ; he said that their so called church often brought the down and outs up to the house on the Carlow Road, KK, to be preached at and given meals. He said that some of these persons would get violent and would have to be thrown out physically. The question comes to mind is, where did they pick up these unfortunates. The only place know is the Loretto Hostel, beside St Canices Cathedral. It would be interesting to find out how many down and outs have gone missing in recent years. NOTE 1999.

I realise now that nobody cares about the down and outs?

In light of the article in News of the World, by the TD John Mulvihill on the Satanists, and what I have been told by my source, Dick Moore, Born Again Christian, are all these things possible???

On top of what I have said , I will try to get you certain facts and proofs which will l point more firmly to the conclusions which I have come to.

There are only three names called Cairns in the phone book of Leinster?

Is it a coincidence that Phillip Cairns has the same name as myself ???

That family came from the Balinabranagh area, near Carlow. Mrs Cairns was a Brennan from Kilkenny city. ? Also Mrs Cairns was and is a Born Again Christian, the mother of the missing boy ?

Just to add, recently late Aug or Sept 1996, I had my car stolen and then the next week, its windows were smashed. The Gards made no serious attempt to investigate these matters. I believe that Det Luke Kelly is genuine.

I am writing this in 11-4-1999, now I have no doubt th at Luke Kelly is up to his eyes in the worst sort of crimes ?

I have since, every evening, taken my car up to the Garda Station and left it there until the following day. This is what I have been doing every day since and I will continue until my case is investigated seriously!

In the light of what I have disclosed here, Ryan and his Born Again friends would like people to believe that it is only the loyalists who have an interest in me, but if you believe tha t then you will overlook what their real interest is, and what they need to conceal! The original murder attempt was made for sadistic revenge and profit ! I have never been in any paramilitary groups, I had no sensitive information that I could prove! They would like people to believe otherwise and so hide their real interests ! If I had been murdered in Aug 1994, my daughters, I have no doubt would have suffered the same fate as Jo Jo Dollard, KK!

When Rev Roy Magee contacted the UVF and they denied that they were involved in the murder attempt on me in Aug 1994, but I know the types in the UVF and they had a hatred for me since childhood, their hatred is so deep that they would murder me and my children and no one would admit responsibility !!!!!

Roy Magee does not want to believe that the UVF would lie to him ?????


This is a typed copy of the original statement which I sent to Austen Currie TD in Nov 19, 96, it is the same wording basically but for a few up to dates which I have inserted while typing this copy.

Jim Cairns

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