Texans and friends around the world … This is not the voice of politics talking to you today. I assure you that I am not here to elevate myself above some other. The conditions in Texas and in the world today are too serious and momentous to deal in personalities.

For the time being at least let us cast the political machinery into the funeral pyre. Let us instead elevate the human equation to the place it deserves. As I have said and as President Miller has stated many times in the past, the move and struggle to free Texas and make it an independent nation once again will go down in world history as the turning point in earthly events. I say, turning point, my Texas brothers and sisters, and that is all-important, for it can go backward or it can go forward. There comes a time when the cycle of change is inevitable. That time for Texas is upon us.

But before we can go forward, let us step backward a moment to other fated years. Our history is replete with that unprecedented story of stalwart men and women who dared to crush the hand of tyranny. They were people, like all of us, out to free the nation of Texas from its captors and set forth individual freedom in a manner and style also unprecedented in human history. Those staunch men and women were filled with the zeal of freedom and independence. They knew their paths had been guided by the hand of a power greater than they. They knew their destiny and the destiny of Texas was secure in that Power's stewardship. Our Texan forebears faced each new adversity with courage. These same lionhearted ones planted the seeds for our own future. For generations following the seeds bore rich and luscious fruit. Our country, the country of Texas, grew by leaps and bounds.

Then something happened… something was lost… the umbilical cord to our destiny was snapped. Little by little we lost that freedom of originality. We lost the freshness of our own originality that made Texas a great people and culture. The ropes of psychological bondage began to tighten around our uniqueness and our individuality. The rich and luscious fruit began to fall from our tree of life.

We have been lulled into a state of complacency and apathy. We began to accept the synthetics instead of demanding that which is real. We lost our burning zeal of accomplishment. Today it is rare that one of the least rise to the ranks of the great. We have accepted our decadence through materialistic living. We have refused to the heed the warnings of our torchbearers of progress. We have traveled the left path, following in the footsteps of incompetent leaders, sincere perhaps in their promises, but following the same old worn-out patterns. They promised change, and changes came - not in a better way of life, not in restoring freedom - but instead those changes were all inclusive of gaining greater world powers, fulfilling personal agendas, and greater taxations.

Our current Texas government is following the same worn out patterns supplied by the United States, rather that incorporating real solutions and new ideas. The old pattern of taxing your sustenance and throwing more of your tax money at problems to solve the problems has never worked. The old pattern of 'buying' international friends and favors has failed time and time again. The old pattern of spying on allies and foes has only led to misunderstandings and more wars. The old pattern of world imperialism that the U.S. has sought since World War 2 has failed, as it failed Rome, as it failed England. The old pattern of threatening and intimidating nations of earth to force compliance to rules not of their making has failed. The U.S. is not the only nation of today guilty of these flawed patterns.

The U.S., England, China, and others seek power for power's sake, at the expense of their own citizenry. It's time to break the mold, since it has not worked since the dawn of time.

Today my friends, as a result of our own slumber, our apathy, our ignorance, we have become one big family of hypochondriacs. We chase after this politician or that doctor or this guru. We are still seeking some quick fix and sure panacea for our ills. As yet we have not found a proper name for our ills, but we do know that our life has sagged and we are unable to lift ourselves above the sag, under the current conditions we live under. We are in a fog. We have lost our way. And the fog grows thicker and denser all the time. That same fog has dulled our observations. We seem to lack the ability to act constructively. In short, my friends, somewhere along the line we lost that spark that made our Texas culture and our Texas spirit great.

Don't you think it is time we got off the treadmill? Whether we know it or not, the mechanism of that treadmill has worn out. It is an obsolete piece of junk ready for the junk pile. It is this broken machinery that keeps us from moving forward as a people, as a culture, and a nation. This broken treadmill is Washington, D.C.

The poet Emerson said, "All things are forever writing nature's history." Nature's history my friends, is the soul of the all forward-going movements, the soul of constructive evolution.

This year could very well be the year that is remembered by our children and our children's children. This year could stand out as one of the greatest years of all human history and world history. I do not have to come before you to tell you that we have reached the peak of the so-called illimitable. We have that evidence on all sides of us. We have seen the wheels of regression and demise at work. We are on our way down, just as Rome fell and collapsed upon itself due to complacency, apathy and greed. Our Texas is on its way down because it is associated with the new collapsing Roman Empire. We are going down with that outmoded ship. We are on our way down unless - and I do make this reservation - we are going down UNLESS we are willing to turn a new spiral, take a new direction, and forge our own destiny.

Only as we volunteer to remove our blinders, Only as we volunteer to look over towards new horizons, Only as we volunteer to travel the road less traveled, can we hold on to our Texas greatness and our Texas spirit.

Today's answers to today's problems do not lie in patching the old quilt. That quilt must be tossed away and a new one woven on a new loom. The people of Texas and the world have literally swallowed billions, if not trillions, of wonder-drug pills - pills that have lulled us into an apathetic lethargy. For a time they have perhaps helped to quiet some of our woes, but they have not supplied an adequate panacea for the ills facing us today. They have not given us protection against the violent storms of life. We were literally lulled to sleep while our freedoms, individuality, and independence were stolen away from us.

If the spark of a visionary resides in your soul, you will understand that this plea and this movement is not for Texas and us alone. But someone must lead the way, the way back to our roots, the way back to freedom, and my friends-- no place on earth is in a better position to lead the way than Texas. A new foundation must be placed under all humanity.

Where have we failed? We have failed because we have been greedy. We have failed because we have felt superior to our brethren of nations, since we have been aligned with a world super power. We have placed our import on possessions and not on the God given principles that created the possessions. I own this and I own that. It has become the American creed and dogma - and because of it, we have created both a heavy earthly debt and cosmic debt.

We haven't been able to make the interest payments, much less pay on the principle.

Yes my friends - and if my foes are out there, I mean them too - all who will take time to listen and comprehend the importance of this message - Our present era has been that of colossal and experimental blundering. Oh we have made conquests, but we have never really triumphed. There is one thing that was not taught to us and that we have not learned - our Texas homeland can become whatever we desire of it. We will find that Texas homeland in the very core of our being.

Oh we have shouted the virtues of freedom, yet every single moment of our lives we have lived under powers that have found every ways and means to cancel those freedoms. Freedom, my Texas friends, has a much broader connotation than we have given it or been allowed to experience under U.S. Federalism. True freedom starts with the light that guides the soul and not what some Federal judge rules you may have. It cannot be overstated that even the quality of greatness is at the lowest ebb of human history as reflected by world leaders today. We Texans have not been resting on life's doorstep waiting for things to change for the better, as with most of the world, for we too have fallen asleep, and as we slept our independence and freedoms have been reduced to the point that even Sam Houston would not recognize today's Texans as a free people. Are we to let our Texas and the world be destroyed while we are still sleeping? Do we require that which Washington D.C. advocates, that of forced alerts by way of martial law? The curtain of doom is falling down upon us. One day if we allow this curtain to fall the skies will be without moon and stars. We will be in total darkness.

This is why our challenge is more than a challenge. We must embrace in consciousness the seemingly unattainable. New ideas must come through and we must open the channels so they can come through. We must then put them to work. Extreme need requires extreme measures. It is going to require some strong pulling to lift us from the labyrinth the U.S. keeps on top of us.

What is this new element you ask? What is this new direction, what is this new path, what will our future hold? No one here can give you the end result, but we can supply the formula. With each one of us blending his own mix, something is sure to come forth that will simply amaze us, and astound the rest of the world. The formula is simple, very simple indeed. It consists of human equation, good common sense, and those seeds of freedom planted by our forefathers that we can harvest today.

You see -- we have been too close to ourselves to see who we really are and what we can really do. If every one of us would strip down to our naked selves, we would do anything on earth to bring about correct and positive change.

Why is freedom and independence for Texas so very important right now, today? It is important because when life departs from its higher virtues and it starts on its downward arc, it gains faster and faster momentum. Descent is faster than ascent. On the downward path it gathers more and more of the destructive elements. Habits are formed, habits so deeply ingrained that make it harder and harder to return to where you once were at the top of the arc of human understanding and compassion.

This is the situation we are facing today, my friends. We must be blasted out of our lethargies. We must be blasted out of our aimless drift and deep-rooted fears. The barriers are beginning to hem us in from all sides. They must come down. We as a people have been grasping at any straw and most of them have been 'straws in the wind.' Not a single one of us here today can stop the current motion downward on the arc to the abyss of ignorance and slavery - But together, as a people with a single mind and with a single goal we can push the train back to the top of the arc of greatness.

Whether we know it or not democracy is merely a buzzword upon which we have come to lean. While it is a beautiful, inspiring word, it is also a universal pattern word. It was good yesterday. It is good today. It will always be good. At the same time it is a concept under U.S. Federalism that Texas has never fully known. The virtue of democracy has been slashed into fragments. Believe it or not democracy is not just the keyword of a political machine, a political mafia in Washington D.C. Democracy is a principle, a principle we have not rightly tried or been allowed to try. We have specialized its parts, but we have never been allowed by the U.S. to universalize the whole concepts of democracy and freedom.

We have contracted for the principles of freedom we claim as our own, contracted with the government of the United States for limited freedom, at a very high price. These principles which we claim that we own - we should have expanded - rather than diminish our principles under contract with a foreign government.

Democracy really means freedom, but how can we be wholly free unless we are wholly intelligent and act wholly as a single people, with a single mind and purpose. We must gain freedom to be free individually and to be free collectively as a people.

Let us understand one thing; democracy takes different paths among different cultures. Democracy in Texas will be vastly different from democracy in Belarus. The true ring of lawful democracy is how well it protects the minority from abuse by the majority. This yardstick is where nations seeking friendship first find common ground.

Democracy can never ring true if forced on a people by occupation, oppression, and war from a foreign country. The cultures will clash, regardless of the intents. U.S. democracy will never 'fit' the Middle East. U.S. democracy doesn't even 'fit' for South America. U.S. democracy no longer works in Texas. Texas needs a new democracy purely designed and evolving from and for its own vast and diverse culture.

I am not here to serve a subpoena on doleful prophecy on the United States. I am not saying that we are yet on the path to destruction, but I am saying we are in grave danger of doing just that. It takes no genius to see that the D.C. engine of the train is topping the hill. I am saying that train of fifty cars needs one less. Texas must detach from the train before the downward descent begins.

We have allowed a government 1500 miles from our homeland to spill the blood of our Texas youth. The ocean is red with earth's life fluid. This foreign government in D.C. has only allowed short intervals of peace between wars somewhere on earth. The rest of the world is beginning to notice that where there is war, there is the U.S.

Quarrels and strife has encompassed our lifetimes and world history. The world does not need the U.S. to send so-called peace-keepers to every nation on planet earth.

The world needs Texas and other nations to be peace-makers on the earth. The U.S. has dragged Texas into its own fixed path of war, poverty, and adversity, dotted only briefly with short periods of prosperity and peace.

Imagine the wealth that would have remained with Texas had Texas not been dragged through costs of supporting the inhumanity practiced by Washington D.C.

We have waited as a people of peace to be bated once again by Washington D.C. for the worst to happen. We've sat back and waited for and expected it to happen. And the worst has been delivered culturally, economically, politically.

You say that the U.S. is a prosperous and wealthy nation? You say that Texas has also become prosperous and wealthy because of D.C.? Deep down every one of you know that it is pseudoprosperity. Prosperity that is built upon air, without any foundation. Prosperity that is little more than propaganda. It can't last. Even economic gurus for the United States, say it can't last, but no one listens. So I ask you, how much longer can it go on?

We have gone from inertia to strife - from strife back to inertia. Conflict of the soul, individual or global, is far more devastating than an ill to the flesh. Repressions, oppressions, and complexes have bound us to our fate.

I have told you before - let me reiterate this again - a new way of life cannot come until the old patterns have been discarded. It cannot be renovated again. It must be completely transmuted. This means, reaching out and embracing a larger, more enduring pattern. You ask, Where are we going to find it? We will find it on the other side of the threshold.

Today we are vested with a greater responsibility than ever before. There is no time to stew in the ashes of fallen hopes. Something must be done about it. I can safely assure each and every one of you that we have nothing to fear once we have opened up the door to cross that threshold. When we are ready to think outside of the box, the box that was furnished by powers not Texan, then we will find greatness - individually, collectively, and take charge of our own destiny.

We need trail-blazers - courageous men and women who are not afraid of the unknown. We need those that are ready to break away from our traditional past. We need those who will look with hope towards a new and greater future. Many of you will welcome this opportunity because in your hearts and souls you have rebelled against the drudgeries imposed upon you. My friends, we Texans are not a people that will be happy with half the laurel wreath. We want the whole wreath or none at all.

So, where do we go from here? Most of us have no idea of the path ahead. We are lost in a jungle of human emotions. We are becoming more and more convinced that violence is not the answer, as we have watched countless wars in our own lifetimes solve literally nothing at all. We have seen violence and armed conflict fail too many times. Some of us have reached the point of admitting that if our society and our Texas culture is to endure, we must live, prove and create greater integrity and honest humanism towards all people on earth.

Most of you are seeking something new - something untried. A new element is what we'll call it. I sincerely believe that with the unification of Texans into a focal point of amassed political force, we can bring human relations back to truth, righteousness and trueness. When we are willing to act, then something can be done about it.

The troubles you and I face daily - the troubles all Texans face - the trouble that our land of Texas faces are no longer surface troubles. Systems wear out. They disintegrate and new forms must be created, established and nurtured. The basic fabric of our current system sustained us for a long, long time. When it first started to wear out, it was held together by patches, repairs, and band-aids. Outwardly our land of Texas has risen to great heights. Inwardly our spiritual democracy, our individual freedoms, our political might has withered to dust. Two thousand years ago the Teacher said, "For ye are like unto whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful on the outside, but are filled with dead men's bones." This adequately and fairly describes the U.S Federal system that is imposed upon us against our will.

We are not serving our Texas homeland as our forefathers served it. We know that. The white heat of enthusiasm has gone. It is hard to wear a patched up garment. It is harder to serve a worn out system.

Let us stop blaming our leaders. Truly they are not all at fault. They have probably done the best they could within the confines of a broken system. How can anyone do their best while remaining bound to the old regime?

So let us stop blaming our troubles first on this - then that - first on one politician and then the next. Let us all be aware that our leaders represent the sum total of the consciousness of the people. We need a plan. We need a purpose. We must know where we are going and how we are going to get there - and we must know why.

I have been asked. "Where does this trouble lie? Are we not in this predicament because we have been overshadowed by our material possessions? Have we not played with our toys, never really trying to get to the root of our problems? Have we not whitewashed our ties to D.C with coat after coat of paint? We too have failed to clear out the dead men's bones.

Our time has come. This is not a plan of my making. It is not a plan of your making. I believe it is up to Texans to author the new dispensation for peace between nations and peace between peoples. It is right and fitting this start with Texas - right here in America - where the U.S. has fostered dissent among nations, brokered peace agreements by force, and deceived her own allies and friends. This grand land of ours can be the invincible stronghold for peace upon the earth. We have been great in the past and in the days ahead Texas can be even greater.

The basic structure that upholds our humanity, our communities, society, and civilization itself must be firmly rooted. We must rid ourselves of traditional, in-grained fixations forever. We must be ready and willing to give up our old, worn out system. We can do it, if we will. We have reached pinnacles before. We can do it again. We have waded through the abysmal depths of misery; this time we can make of it a joyful act. We can do it if we keep our eyes, our minds, and our spirit focused on the goal.

We must venture across those boundaries which say it can't be done. It might be the only road to self-preservation. This is not the time to seek a haven of retreat. The entire world must be leavened for this coming time as Texas rises from the ashes to the forefront of human affairs in the world.

These days we live in are dangerously close to peril. We know we cannot hold back destruction indefinitely. A world of peace lies beyond the nuclear bomb, and we must find it. It must be found before this nuclear nightmare explodes in our very midst. We cannot allow Texas to sink for the ignorant and stupid policies of Washington, D.C.

The peace of the world could easily rest upon our shoulders. What we as Texans do in the next few months and years could redefine what individual freedom really is supposed to be. What we as Texans do could redefine the relationship between nations. What we as Texans do could redefine the methods to peace among neighbors. What can we as Texans do to bring forth a new concept that extends beyond peace and fosters friendship among nations.

When these principles are embraced, as only the Texan mind can embrace them, we become an unstoppable political force for positive change, -- first in Texas - then the world. Texas must put the principles of honesty and integrity back into practice within her own borders.

Our old alliance no longer adheres or is friendly to the principles of freedom, independence, and sovereignty. The day has come for Texas independence. The day has come for Texans to restore freedom, independence and sovereignty to Texas. Fantasy - you say? Think of this… that which was fantasy only ten years ago has now become fact. Man has landed on Mars. When fantasy becomes a dream -- the dream becomes reality.

Ten years ago the movement for Texas Independence was the fantasy of a few. Today the promise of Texas Independence is the dream of visionaries. Tomorrow Texas Independence will be fact as the dreamers act to make the dream come true. History proves that that fantasy becomes fact. Fantasy and fact fit together like black and white, like night and day, and all related opposites. Texas Independence is the idea toward which we must work. When we lay a foundation in faith, that faith will make us free.

The day has come for Texas to throw off the shackles that keep her from achieving her destiny. We must remove the D.C. handcuffs that ties Texas fate to that of the U.S. The enemies of the United States need not be the enemies of Texas. Texas must forge ahead in the world being a primary peace-maker.

Texas returning to her proper place as a nation of the world, may indeed be the catalyst needed for the remaining states to save the United States. Texas Independence will cause a shockwave throughout America, perhaps forcing D.C. and the other states to pause and take an introspection of themselves and thus realizing the path the U.S. has been on is one of economic slavery, loss of freedom, loss of sovereignty, and world bully.

History is on our side. Law is on our side. Justice is on our side. Truth is on our side. Righteousness is on our side. We have all the ingredients for success. Violence is not on the list of ingredients, for that only spoils the end product. Bravery and courage is required by the recipe.

All we risk is risk itself. Risk is the price of freedom today. Things worthwhile must be purchased at the price of risk. In Texas we have nothing to lose but everything to gain through independence. We require nothing from the United States for survival or success. All we risk is the risk itself.

Once completed, Texas can create new patterns for the world to follow, so that risk is no longer the price of freedom for other oppressed people in the world.

So the question in closing is, Are you ready to take the risk, with nothing to lose? Are you sick and tired of economic slavery? Are you mad as hell? Are you ready to step into the rare shoes of greatness? Are you ready to forge new patterns and new solutions for Texas? Are you ready to take the 'real' giant leap for mankind? Are you a visionary that can see beyond the struggle envisioning success?

Join with us today and let's forge ahead with new solutions, new patterns, new elements, new ideas, new systems for a new nation, a new Texas, and a new freedom we have yet to experience. We want and need Texas Independence today!


The piece above was compiled by two authors, L. Savage and xxxxx, forty years apart. The same problems facing the world and Texas forty years ago have only worsened. To my hiddenmysteries patrons, clients and web viewers: If you are the 1st one to identify by name the person that co-authored the speech above, from forty years ago, you will recieve a $100.00 gift certificate to use at hiddenmysteries.com.

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