Volume 1 ~ May 15, 1999
First Edition!

Table of Contents

  • Y2K a cry wolf or a reality?
    ~ by: John V. Panella

  • Symbols - the Key to Unlocking the Sealed Mysteries
    ~ by: Rebecca S. Harrison D.D.

  • Creating a dynamic life changing effect!
    ~ by: John V. Panella

  • What if Everything You Thought You Knew About Aids Was Wrong?
    ~ by: Christine Maggiore

  • Souls
    ~ by: Per Sewen

  • From the annals of history ~ Not Yours To Give
    ~ by: U.S. Representative David Crockett

  • Why Did They Do It?
    An Inquiry into the School Shootings in America
    ~ by Jon Rappoport

  • Mind Control - (offsite article)
    How to resist three global strategies for training students to reject truth and conform to the group
    ~ by Berit Kjos

  • omments
  • Comments from the Net
  • Interesting Tidbits
  • Reptilian Controversy Rocks the Net

  • ress Releases & ewsworthy
  • Press Release- Ron Paul, Rep. Texas
  • Press Release- Joe Firmage
  • Control
  • Gorbachev on Kosovo
  • ? The List ?
  • The Diana Document

  • esearch
  • The Global Plan For The Advancement Of Humanity a.k.a. - Global 2000 (off site resource)

  • umor
  • How Deep is the Government Oppression - a satyre
  • Vermin

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