Reptilian hybrids have, according to the experts, been on planet Earth long before we arrived by spacecraft lifetimes ago. I have a friend who actually saw three of them at dusk while camping near Yosemite. I can't help associating them with the reptilian characters on TV's Deep Space Nine. Some people say that that the Secret Government and the New World Order report to the reptoids; that they were responsible for Hitler's regime and involved with the atrocities.

I worked with a woman who had what appeared to be a goiter on the right side of her neck. It was actually a tumor caused by tissue growing around an implant. Her boyfriend, who admitted being of reptoid origin, actually transformed his etheric body into a reptoid before her eyes. "His hands were more like paws. They were curled under and had claws," she told me. That leads me to another interesting story. I was living in San Diego, attending a new-age "11:11" meeting. (August 11, 1999 at 11:11 a.m. was the first moment of ascension, when our planet shifted into the fourth dimension.) "Read this flyer," the women sitting next to me said. "If it interests you, and you understand what it means, come to a gathering at my house next week." I read the flyer and declined.

A friend of mine went anyway, although she didn't understand the meaning of the flyer either. A clairvoyant, she reported, "The minute I entered the house, all the people there looked like they had another body extending upwards beyond their human physical forms. Reptilian-type bodies with a big heads, about ten feet tall."

Raped and tortured by the Reptilians

with healer's comments in green

We're dealing with a situation that is rapidly changing. It's like observing the strategy of a renegade group (terrorists). And it's happening so fast! 

About six months ago I noticed that all of my new clients were being raped and tortured by an "unseen force" -- a force that was definitely not the greys. Since we officially entered the fourth dimension in mid-August, 1999, there has been a change of command. The greys, formerly intermediaries for the reptilians, acting as their front line of attack, seem to have stepped backward. Perhaps what my associate Jor-El' said is true, "They're dying but they'll cycle back around again." The reptilians are now coming forward. Described by my clairvoyant clients as "average-sized humans," I was baffled as to who these beings were until I heard from one of my clients, a female attorney who has been unable to work for four years. "Once when I was being abducted, although I was paralyzed and instructed not to look back, I managed to turn my head slightly. The image of the blonde shifted or faded away enough so that I could see a reptilian figure behind it. I thought they might be using a hologram or something."

Phil and Joan share and compare

Joan, In order to assist you I'll need your story as best you can relate it to me so that I can correlate the information. There may be similarities between your situation and mine which will help me create a picture of how these beings work so that I can help myself and others. You said that you encountered a door. So did I, but I had not thought it related until now.

This "door" is a portal or a gateway to and from other dimensions.


I have tried all the traditional stuff and most of it does not work with these beings. It is interesting that you say they are repelled by love. I have not been able to try this. One of the things these beings will do is to try and keep you from experiencing love in your life. They will do things that strike at your heart to damage it. They did this with me and almost killed me. I am not easily overcome. My training precludes this. My guides have been pushing real hard to help me heal my heart, most likely because this is the key to truly freeing yourself from these beings. There is no doubt in my mind that others are suffering similar fates with less knowledge to aid them. As I said before, I have been able to fight these guys to a standstill, but it is not the final answer.

My situation began when I was just beginning to undergo a spiritual awakening. At that time I was in an experimental phase, seeking the path that was right for me. I ran across a man posing as a spiritual healer and teacher. I found out later that he was an operative for these beings or possibly a walk-in. I have had some considerable experience with the reptilians over the past five years, and have often wondered if I am some sort of covert alien operative. It would explain a lot. In any event, these guys are really laying it on thick for me and expending a phenomenal effort to take me out, particularly considering that I am (at least as far as I know) a simple kinda guy living in a studio apartment who wishes no one harm. I mean, what if I am something other than I appear to be? I still gotta pay the rent and deal with life on this plane. Anyway, this operative did something to me that forged a connection between myself and him, as well as the reptilians. In short order I had been abducted and, unbeknownst to me at the time, implanted.

I have met many healers and teachers who believe they're working with the angels, and they are... but not the "angels of the light." Instead of calling on the good guys for assistance, these well-meaning folks are actually taking orders from the bad guys. This may have been the situation with Phil's teacher.

It was at this time, while I was still in contact with this operative, that my first memory surfaced. In this memory I was on a ship or in a complex of some sort. My father was with me, and we were in a brightly lit corridor. We were running and terrified. Behind us was what looked like a round elevator shaft. Then a round hover craft came up the tube and stopped. In it were five or six reptilian beings. They were about 5'6" tall, covered in scales, with long arms and shortish legs. They were slightly bow-legged, which was more noticeable when they ran. They were wearing white helmets with black visors that covered their eyes, white breast plates, carrying weapons. They exited the vehicle and came running after my father and me. They ran much faster than us. I knew that we couldn't escape.

The second situation surfaced some months later. In this memory, I was laying in a narrow dark room on a black shelf or slab. My brother was lying next to me on a similar slab. There was an open doorway through which light was coming in. My brother and I were in a stasis vibration field that was holding us paralyzed. My father was outside the door but I couldn't see him. I could only hear him yelling for me and my brother to get up. He said, "We have to get out of here. Those things will be coming back." I regained consciousness and managed to will myself out of the paralysis. It was exceedingly difficult and it left me groggy. My brother did not stir.

After that incident I tried to break contact with this operative, but once I seriously began to struggle, I began to be attacked quite violently, psychically, on a daily basis. The attacks were of several different types, which caused incredible physical pain along with telepathic messages that I should kill myself to end the pain. In addition to the attacks, the reptilians themselves actually tried to merge with me. In more common terms, they tried to possess my body.

This is what is still happening to Joan. She is presently experiencing a sucking effect in her solar plexus "like a vacuum cleaner." Both cases are no doubt very advanced.

This occurred three times. They have not tried it again since then. It became apparent that in my case, a local black magic lodge was working with this particular group of reptiles. They were aiding the reptilians in their attempt to drive me to commit suicide.

You decide to commit suicide, (remember, they read your thoughts), and just before you do, they jump in... permanently!

Shortly after this, the black helicopters showed up. These choppers usually appear as black unmarked military-type helicopters. They would conduct fly-bys over me several times a day. Each time they would fly by, I would be hit with a wave of energy that created some type of disruption in my auric field causing intense discomfort and then pain. Fortunately, by the time things had erupted into serious open warfare, I had gained some experience into the rudiments of psychic self-defense. I continued to study and apply what I had learned. Eventually I was able to bring the attacks more or less to a standstill. They were still trying to hit me, but my defenses had become much stronger, as had my knowledge, although I constantly had to expend energy to do so. This is where things stand today.

When I lived in Sedona, three helicopters flew over an author's house in this fashion while he was conducting a workshop. The helicopters were reading his students' energy fields during an exercise. When this fellow realized what was happening, he told his students to "turn it off." As soon as they did the helicopters left. What does that mean? First, that you don't have to have implants for the helicopters to be interested in scanning your energy field. Second, that highly-evolved, spiritual beings are like beacons or lighthouses, attracting the dark forces... whether they're demons, "retrograde" ETs or black government operatives.

This scenario has cost me everything. I have lost jobs, relationships, money, my personal goals and hopes, and at times my health and sanity. To date, neither my father nor my brother have any recollection of the incident. Although my brother is well-aware of what is happening to me, he has not encountered any problems. I suspect because he does not remember and is not causing any waves. I believe that I was able to recall the memories for the same reason I was able to break the paralysis -- because I am and continue to be a very spiritual individual. I have undergone much training of the mind in several disciplines. This is what has saved my life, enabling me to resist the attacks of these violent beings to this day.


My experiences began after I had an intense spiritual awakening as well. And like you, Phil, they are always trying to put things over my heart, either not wanting me to experience love, or keeping me from allowing divine love to flow through me, which it used to do. I will relate what I can with my limited memory. I have long since tried not to dwell on the whole thing, as it only serves to increase activity, and in doing so I will suffer.

When I moved into this apartment, the first thing I can recall is starting to feel a male presence that was watching me. At the time I was able to intuit that this male was in this location because it was an apartment building with only single women, and that he was sexually fixated. Shortly thereafter, I began to experience this entity's presence much stronger to the point of feeling something on top of me when I went to bed each night. About a month or so after I moved in, I had a dream that one of the other women living at the same place came to me, wanting to show me this door. Her approach was very childlike in wanting to show it to me, as if it were a secret. We hid behind some bushes as I saw what I can only describe as a fluorescent green door suspended in mid air, about a foot off the ground. It was just a green rectangle which sat in a wooded area. You could see the trees behind it and the ground below it. I sensed very clearly that very evil beings were coming through this door. The presence of evil was strong, something I had never encountered before.

The nightly visits became 24-hour visits. I could sense them around me all the time, even when I was working. Things would be moved around me or knocked down. The negative energy from them was hitting me in the solar plexus 24 hours a day. As I am empathic by nature, I am aware of energy and how it affects me. This, plus the fact that I could not sleep from the night-time episodes, finally got me to the point of barely being able to function. I can't tell you when it finally occurred, but on one particular night, when I was having a hard time falling asleep through the onslaught I was feeling, it must have been about 3 a.m. or so, I finally fell asleep. When I woke the next morning, only two or three hours later, I was overwhelmed with the feeling of having been violated. My body and legs ached for days. I felt as though I had been riding a horse for hours.

Most of my female clients have been awake during this experience and in their homes. One client described the creature as having "thick, rough, scaly skin" -- a truncated body, "with very thick legs like tree trunks... very heavy. It's body was straight up and down with no waist." Another female said that it was "a very sensual and pleasurable experience which I actually enjoyed... until it got violent." Yet another female who was sodomized told me that she heard a male voice telling her that it was futile to resist. She described it as being "slim and having small wings emanating out from it's shoulder blades... not big enough to fly with, but there just the same." We are looking at two different types of being here. Hybrids with truncated bodies which are supposedly vegetarian and live under the earth. This type is referred to as the reptilians. Next is the slimmer, winged hybrids depicted on, who are thought to eat humans. They're referred to as the "reptoids." Are they different? Yes. And although their activities and motives may be different, from this healer's perspective, they're both the same... bad news.

I am not sure at what point throughout all this I contacted a woman shaman I know who does spirit detachment. She said she encountered a being she had never encountered before. A being whose literal existence was simply to create chaos and fear. That it had attached something to me and was doing things remotely. In other words, it was manipulating my experiences from where it was. She got rid of it, but not for long. The episodes continued. She did several sessions on me and each time found all kinds of things of which there is no way I can recall all of it. But the things continue to occur. During one session, which I assisted in, we found a crystal like globe which had been placed over my heart. I already knew it was there and its purpose. As you said, it is meant to keep me single and without love in my life. With her help we removed it. That was when all hell broke loose.

That night, when I went to bed, a female presence came to me in a rage. She began to attack me. She would reach into my chest trying to get my heart to stop. My physical heart would palpitate constantly under her assault. Then she placed two things into my left side. I could hear a popping sound, like a cork, as it entered my body. One placed just above my left elbow and the other placed just above my left knee. Everything is always placed on my left side, the emotional side.... the feminine side... the side which would allow love to enter and flow. After that I went into one of the deepest depressions I have ever been in. A song would repeat itself in my head about being alone, and that I would always be alone. I have often received messages from them in that manner. And although it's something I've observed, I've gotten to the point where I'm not paying attention to it anymore.

Then I moved back in with my parents, since I couldn't afford to move anywhere else. Things just continued there with her.

The angry female is not what she appears to be. She's not human; it's reptilian.

On one night in particular, while I was awake, I could hear the sound of a drum and see a black woman dancing around a fire. She was dressed, like those who practice voodoo, all in white. She had an incredibly evil laugh. The next morning my father told me that he awoke to the sound of Caribbean music and drumming, and the sound of a woman laughing. How's that for verification? The visits continued every moment of every day. But now with my energy being a little stronger at my parents' -- their love helped to shield me a bit -- I was for the first time beginning to get some sleep. But I knew I could not live out my life this way, and my loneliness was and continues to be deep. So I was referred to another female shaman who taught me to journey. Through this method I was able to resolve some other things surrounding me. In a dream early on I was told that 24 things were occurring with me at the same time. At one point she had to get a group of women together and did what they call an exorcism. This allows the spirits to come through the women and they are moved on into the light. During this session there were a whole bunch of them (spirits) who had been tortured and tormented.

Joan sent me a photograph of her four member family. They all have implants.

Again I moved in with my parents who had bought another home. I continued working with the shaman. I also went to see a very powerful shaman in New York who did my first soul retrieval session. This was a profound experience for me and very healing. But I could still sense an attachment to a female. The very next day, as I lay in bed, I very clearly saw a blond woman enter my room, and boy was she pissed off, completely in a rage because of the healing that had occurred. She had on one of her hands a very thick black glove (like a rubber glove). She was going to use it on me for some reason, but with the condition she found me in, she had to make a change of plans. She then left and came back later that night. Everyone I had worked with had told me they could not help me any longer. So I simply existed this way, with the woman abusing me, and whomever was with her at the time.

At no time did I consider this to be ET related.

I was convinced that this was spirit related. My knowledge of the ET phenomena was very limited. So I decided to try a different route and that is what brought me to **** and Jor-El'. Who the female is I don't know, but she is the head person, that much I do know. The others simply do as she tells them, although there have been the occasional ones who simply come because they view me as a toy to play with. Sexuality has a lot to do with what they are with doing me. That is something I have also learned. And I know that as long as this situation remains in my life, I will remain single. I have been aware of their direct interference in these matters. So I have to agree with you on that. You asked about the doorway. Well, it just followed me around. I no longer saw it but I could hear it all the time, opening and closing. I could also sense things entering my bedroom as if from nowhere.

Joan told me on the phone that, "I finally got so tired of not sleeping that I gave these guys permission to do whatever they wanted with me, as long as they let me sleep." Perhaps that's why she's having so much trouble getting rid of them now (her agreement), and because they've been with her for so long. At this writing, Joan is still connected to one of these blonde beings. Like all ETs -- good, bad or indifferent -- when you think, write or talk about them they appear.

Joan's portal reminded me of a movie I saw twenty years ago about an elderly priest who lived in a third floor walk-up in a major city somewhere in the US. He would sit in his rocking chair day after day, rocking and staring out the window. And every day at the same time a young nun would visit him to deliver a hot meal. As the priest's health began to fail, he felt compelled to tell the nun his mission, which was to guard a small door located in the wall near the floor of the apartment. This door was also about a foot off the ground, tucked under a staircase. If my memory serves me, it was a dark wooden square. It was the gateway to hell. The movie ended with the nun sitting in the same chair, in the same apartment, looking out the window... rocking. Sometimes I imagine myself being that nun.

I had a dream a few days ago where I was told that I had only three (not 25) things that were going on with me, and that this female was the last one. I can only pray that I can get rid of her. In another dream I was in a world that was very desert like and there were reptilian people living there. I never thought there might be good reptilians. In the dream, they lived subterranean, and the good guys were sounding the alarm to the humans that the bad ones were coming.

I pay close attention to my clients' dreams, because for the most part, they're not make believe... they're real incidents... abduction scenarios and encounters with ETs that occur with the etheric or non-physical bodies in the dream state.

I didn't respond immediately when you requested more information regarding the spiritual awakening I had because I had to sit with that one for a bit. Since I realized what this whole thing is really related to, I have had to really take a hard look at how long this has been going on in my life. And in doing so, I am unfortunately realizing that it has been going on easily for over a decade... at least that I'm aware of.

Back in my early twenties I began to have health problems which no doctor could help me with. I would have episodes of anxiety that were really intense, but I was totally unaware as to why I was having them. They were pretty debilitating. That grew into other problems. I was also aware of the female presence at that time. I lived in fear, but I didn't know what on earth I was living in fear of. I distinctly remember having problems with my ears at that time, especially the left one. It was during that time that I met my ex-husband. I also had all kinds of menstrual problems which, again, the doctors couldn't figure out. Their only solution was to put me on birth control pills to help regulate my periods. That didn't last long since the pills didn't agree with me. So I just lived with it and dealt with whatever I had to in order to function.

I later got married and moved out of the house with my husband and step-daughter. The weird episodes continued. I would experience severe headaches which would put me in the hospital. The strong medications they gave me only made things worse. So I gave those up too. I began having dreams of a woman interfering in my marriage, trying to get my husband to go to greener pastures. At the time though, I thought it was due to a ritualistic curse which had been put on me or on us. I was so upset one day that I finally got fed up and asked my husband, who was flexible about my sensitivities, to simply lie next to me in bed and do nothing but think about how much he loved me. Then I went into a deep meditation, repeating the 23rd psalm and visualizing Jesus in my mind. I did this for at least an hour non-stop.

Suddenly I felt this cord pop in my chest, as if something had
been pushed out by my intense meditation. It was gone!

My marriage was already destined not to make it, and shortly thereafter it dissolved. I moved back in with my parents, and it was there that my transformation began. I started feeling this innate sense of love and wholeness -- an emotional well-being which I could not remember having since I was a child. This wholeness grew until the energy of love was incredibly strong with me. I started attracting people like flies. My empathic abilities really took off then too, and my ability to manifest things in my life was amazing. I would want something to happen and it did within hours. So many things became obvious to me. I understood so much. Those around me were aware that I had somehow blossomed. About a year or two later, I had a dream that I was in my car and that a blonde male entered my car. He said to me that he would only be there until the following April, but I knew that he was lying to me.

I woke abruptly from the dream, only to hear and feel
something pop into my chest again. I knew it was back.

I tried many times to repeat the meditation which I originally did, but that didn't seem to work anymore. I'll bet they were better prepared for that by then. Since that time the level of wholeness, safety and love has never returned. I have never dated again, which I had done a lot of during the absence of "it" in my life. I then moved into the apartment, and the rest is history. I am writing this story because I'm not sure if I actually had an awakening. I am beginning to think that what really occurred was that I had returned to my old self for that period... the self that I hadn't been since childhood, when they entered my life. I was never aware of it until the proverbial shit hit the fan. I have been told by several intuitive people that something very traumatic occurred in my childhood which changed me forever. I have no recollection of anything happening, but then I'm sure that's not unusual.

Today, I am again feeling the negative energy of their presence. It's really bringing me down big time. I am all too often in this place and I don't want to be. I am sure is the case with Meisha and others going through this. The level of aloneness and sadness is incomprehensible unless you've been through it yourself. My online friends are a wonderful support, but the love of another who is physically present is the strongest thing against them, along with the love which we carry within ourselves. I will continue to try to shift my energy, which I told Jor-El' I would do. It just isn't easy sometimes, since the feeling of aloneness can be intense and undermine it.

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