Sex Parties in Dallas
by Mike

About 10 years ago I was in the process of going through a divorce and readjusting myself to singledom. There was an acquaintance of mind who ran a legitimate professional service. I won't say what the service was because if you knew you might be able to pinpoint who I am talking about. And I have no axe to grind with him. Nor do I have any intention to cause him any grief because he never caused me any.

So just let us say he might have been a dentist, doctor or some other kind of professional. Which he was (a professional). At this particular time he also was going through a divorce and he and I used to compare war stories whenever I made office visits with him. Over a period of years I probably made 50 visits to his office in order to receive this service that he provided. While there he would always inquire about my activities in rediscovering the opposite sex. I would go into the details of the good things that happened to me and of course the bad things. Where I went to find new lady friends and of course where not to find new lady friends. So this went on.

He then would relate his experiences to me. Most of the things he had to tell me I have probably forgotten by now. But several such stories rang a bell with me then and even more so today.

My acquaintance told me he was member of a very secret fraternity and that what he told me I was never to mention to anyone. Furthermore he told me that I was the kind of person that would fit in well with his group. And that I could join his group any time I wanted. All I had to do was just ask to be admitted.

Now by this time I already knew much information about the freemasons and I was pretty sure that this was a bunch that I didn't want to get involved with. Now let me state that at no time did he ever mention the name of his illustrious fraternity but I was able to piece it all together from other people in his office. Namely his receptionist and secretary.

What my acquaintance told me was that his buddies would meet every weekend at some of the lake areas in the Dallas area. At these parties he called them. There would be young women who would provide sex for the group. As I remember the majority of these parties actually centered around big time poker. These guys who met were all of the very affluent variety in Dallas. Like I said before this bunch was the doctors, lawyers, dentists, automobile dealership owners, and various assorted other types of Indian chiefs. If you will, the movers and shakers type of people.

My acquaintance told me that a typical poker game consisted of 4 of his fraternity brothers who each would take as much as $50,000 in cash just to the poker parties.

The young women who provided the sex were for just when someone got tired of playing poker. They would pick out which young female appealed to them and they would retire to one of the bedrooms and have at it. My acquaintance went to these poker-sex parties literally every weekend. He reassured me that if I wanted I could become one of the insiders and I myself could attend after I went through the typical screening process for initiates.

Again I am not giving any particular details that any one could track down any names of the players. I will say however that most of the parties I heard about occurred at cedar creek lake about 50 miles southeast of Dallas on highway 175. Some of them occurred on Lake Texoma north of Sherman, Texas on interstate 45. All of the parties were held at lake houses owned by various members of his fraternity.

According to my acquaintance a typical weekend sex-poker party at Cedar Creek Lake would consist of about 10 or so brothers and usually 3 or 4 of the young sex providers. He was adamant that all of the girls were at least 18 years of age and usually ranged up to about 25 years old.

One party really stands out in mind even 10 years later. One week I tried to arrange for an appointment with him and was notified by his receptionist that he would be out of town for the whole week. So I went ahead and arranged for an appointment the following week.

At my appointment the following week my acquaintance told me that he had spent the week at a tri-state fraternity convention in Monroe, Louisiana. For those who don't know Monroe, Louisiana is on interstate 20 about 60 miles east of Shreveport, Louisiana. My acquaintance for some reason got very talkative about this convention. And of course I encouraged him to open up to me about his adventures there.

He told me that this Monroe convention was the shindig of all shindigs as he put it. He stated that there were at least 300 fraternity brothers from the tri-state area of Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana. Furthermore he stated that there were at least 20 of these young sex providers for the boys to use. And that some of these sex providers were better looking than any that he had ever seen before.

In fact my acquaintance told me that he personally had sexual relations with 8 different sex providers in a 48-hour period. Now you know why all this stuck with me in my memory. I mean I have heard of guys being libidinous of course. But never that many in such a short period of time. Or at least it's a feat I have never been able to accomplish. It's probably not a Guinness book of records thing but it is high up on the list. Wouldn't you say?

Of course I gleaned all of the details of this convention that I could from him. He seemed very proud of himself.

I guess what I am trying to get at is this. Back then I knew nothing of MKMonarch or multiple personality disorder so that is why I am writing this letter. I remember asking my acquaintance where did they find all of these young girls. His response was that some of the guys in Louisiana had dragged them up.

So long story short of the whole thing is this. The brotherhood is indeed doing some very wild things on the side. Things that we ordinary folk don't know about. Or in some instances cannot even imagine.

With regards to the so called tri-state convention in Monroe I am sure that all it was, was sex , booze and poker. But just the fact that this kind of stuff goes on every weekend should open your eyes to the possibility that there are other more evil and sinister things afoot.

I think it is high time that all of us consciously make the decision to open up our minds to the widest possible settings before things degenerate to who knows what. I actually don't think we have that much time left.

Mike from Dallas

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