The Ultimate Time Machine
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Joseph McMoneagle's new book "The Ultimate Time Machine" makes predictions based on his extensive remote viewing sessions. McMoneagle was involved in the US government's RV project "Stargate" for seventeen years. While remote viewing certainly has questionable accuracy and reliability problems, it is still quite interesting (IMO) to note some of the predictions he lists.

He specifically predicts a new Middle Eastern war much worse than the Gulf War, started by Saddam Hussein between now and 2002 at the latest. He believes that Saddam will use the excuse of chasing Kurdish rebels ("terrorists") as a pretext for an incursion into extreme northwestern Iran and southeastern Turkey - something Turkey has done repeatedly in recent years with their military incursions into northern Iraq and near the NW Iranian border.

Some highlights of his predictions:

The area of extreme NW Iran, SE Turkey, southern Azerbajan/Armenia is one of the richest untapped oil reserves on the planet - the real motive for Saddam's actions.

Saddam will launch an attack into the region based on pursuing Kurdish rebels for an act of terrorism committed against Iraq (Saddam may in fact cause the act himself.)

Iraq will simultaneously launch a SCUD missile attack on Israel baiting them into retaliation for which Syria will then attack Israel opening a regional conflict between them that results in the near destruction of Syria (this matches Biblical prophecy.)

Iran will move into the region as well, fulfilling Nosty's Persian invasion of SE Turkey scenario. Iran, Syria, and Iraq may be secretly united in this whole scenario.

NATO will suffer such great losses that it will nearly dissolve under the strain.

A Middle Eastern city will be attacked with WMD resulting in over 100K fatalities.

Between 2000-2002 the United States will suffer a major attack on a large city with biological weapons, most likely genetically altered anthrax, directly related to the conflict in the Middle East ... in an attempt to limit US involvement in the conflict.

Western Europe will be hit with a severe energy crisis caused by the disruption in oil flow out of the Middle East, causing a worldwide depression. The US and South America will try their best to supply some of the oil needs to Europe but it won't be enough.

Civil war will begin in Saudi Arabia by 2002. Insurrections and changes in government will also occur in Albania and Jordan.

The major war started by Iraq-Iran-Syria (the triumvirate?) will last around four years, with another two years of negotiations before an end to the heavy fighting occurs. Peace will not come to the planet until 2030.

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