Digital Insecurity
by Mike Douglass

On February 19, the Discovery channel ran a documentary on the digital age, high tech spy satellites, and the apparent lack of security on the information superhighway. Cyberspace is not a very safe place to have your personal information floating about it seems. Discovery ran a short segment showing the micro-chipping of domestic pets also. Here on Long Island, when you purchase a puppy at a local pet shop, it comes implanted with a tiny microchip, just beneath the animal's shoulder blades. When the area is scanned by a code scanner, the owner's information becomes available on a computer screen. Infopet, already boasts the fact that they can successfully track close to one billion pets. The main focus however was pointed at the major lack of security with so much data flying around out there. When you consider the overwhelming amount of criminal masterminds out there that have brought crime into a whole new realm, the scenario becomes disturbing. These computer genius hackers are actually information thieves, who have demonstrated how easy it is to obtain pretty much any information they want. Information theft will be the next wave of crime for the new millennium.

As I was watching this program, it became apparent of just how ingenious our global masters really are. I'm sure we can all agree that television, the media especially, is the main programming and indoctrination tool of the global mind programmers. This documentary program served 2 purposes. 1. I believe most of it was truthful, regarding the obvious lack of Internet security, so it did serve to inform. But, why would they allow this show to air prime time? 2. They are preparing the mass consciousness for the coming of the" Digital Angel," human implantable bio-chips.

On December 15, 1999, Applied Digital solutions issued a press release, announcing their "Digital Angel." The Digital Angel is a human implantable microchip that acts as a transceiver. Simply stated, a transceiver is an electronic device that can both send and receive signals. This tracking chip is monitored via GPS, or global positioning satellite. Applied Digital Solutions claims that the chips applications will be for e-commerce, security, criminal tagging and tracking, and health care purposes. ADS claims that they have developed a "tamper proof" security device. The steps being taken towards a global cashless society are well underway it would appear. May I remind you that by the year 2002, all Americans will carry a microchipped information card, or "smart card" that will replace all state drivers licenses. Contained in the chips, will be virtually every item of personal information, including social security number, arrest record, firearm ownership, etc. Essentially, all a criminal would have to do, is steal your card, and your life would be ruined. This is a law, signed into being by Bill Clinton. Soon after the inception of the microchipped smart cards, campaigns will be instilled, to steal peoples cards, en masse'. Once the outcry from the sleeping masses has been made, and compliancy won, an all to willing society will gladly accept the chip, for their own "safety and security." The Digital Angel will then descend upon the world to save mankind.

Now, anyone with even an inkling of a clue as to what's going on in the world, may already be well aware of this, it's just becoming more obvious all the time. Why else would a prime time program reveal the facts concerning information in cyberspace? In fact, a segment of the documentary interviewed a hacker, who now works for the government as a security specialist. He claimed that he was easily able to hack into the databases of three major fortune 500 companies. They told him not to tell anyone. It is an awesome thing to observe the way consciousness is shaped into form by these media controllers and mind manipulators. As always, the most bewildering thing to observe is the incredible amount of denial that is prevalent in the minds of the masses. Even if you are discussing these ideas, or rather realities with somewhat intelligent people, usually, they fall on deaf ears, because they will always find a way to stay in denial, so as not to alter their comfort zone, or precious little belief systems. It is truly an amazing spectacle to observe. I just spoke to someone the other day, who this info was new to, and he replied," That's not such a bad idea." That seems to be the general response I get from people new to this information. It may seem to be the next logical step for a technologically advanced civilization, but as always, it is the intentions that must be seriously questioned.

It blows my mind that people in this country don't appear to be the least bit concerned about the complete erosion of our personal freedoms. If these foolish pea-brained system servers were alive 250 years ago, they probably would have said, " who cares, let the British come." If they were alive about 500 years ago, they would have called you a lunatic for suggesting that the Earth was a sphere! Yes that's right folks, our founding fathers drew up arms, left their families, spilled blood and died so that we could be free to pursue happiness within a slave society of micro-implanted, work till you die, zombified, robotic, system slave dead people. Ahh, it was all an illusion from the very start anyway.

The land of the free, or land of illusion actually, was founded by a group of slave owners who claimed that all men were created equal! However, the minutemen who fought and died so that we could be free truly believed in what they were killing and dying for. I can assure you, this is not what they had in mind. It's more of a psychological coup that's going on and the revolution is taking place behind your eyes. I'm sure our neo-fascist lizzies are in a rush in this eleventh hour, due to the massive awakening that is occurring, despite how it may appear to the contrary.

The roller coaster is reaching that peak highpoint, and the ride is about to get The curtain is opening and the truth is surfacing. Prophecies new and old are showing their validity. What lies over that horizon for us?

Mike Douglass

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