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Andromeda Strain : An "ALIEN PATHOGEN" Epidemic?

It is strange that the DULCE Underground BASE, is reported to be constructed like the BIO-Hazard Base in the Book "The Andromeda Strain". (Also made into a movie.)

A baby and a Wino are the only survivors of an "Alien Virus" which has killed everyone else who has come in contact with it. Why? Because one has a Blood pH which is abnormally Acid and the other has a Blood pH which is highly Alkaline.


"The Andromeda Strain" by Michael Crichton

Editorial Reviews -

Some biologists speculate that if we ever make contact with extraterrestrials, those life forms are likely to be--like most life on earth--one-celled or smaller creatures, more comparable to bacteria than little green men. And even though such organisms would not likely be able to harm humans, the possibility exists that first contact might be our last.

"A Nobel-Prize-winning bacteriologist, Jeremy Stone, urges the president to approve an Extraterrestrial decontamination Facility to sterilize returning astronauts, satellites, and spacecraft that might carry an "unknown Biologic Agent." The government agrees, almost too quickly, to build the top-secret Wildfire Lab in the desert..... Shortly thereafter, unbeknownst to Stone, the U.S. Army initiates the "Scoop" satellite program, an attempt to actively collect space pathogens for use in Biological Warfare."


The DULCE Underground Base is a facility that is a "GENETICS LAB", and is connected to Los Alamos ("Z" Base), via a "Tube-Shuttle". Part of their research is related to the General Effects of Radiation (Mutations and Human Genetics).

It is also a "Biohazard Unit" for the study of really cranky organisms.... underground elevators and security locks were built with many advanced control is a PATHOGEN-control fortress.

An MJ-12 Document warns of an "Outbreak of the ALIEN VIRUS" ! See # 13, at :

The Book "The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance" by Laurie Garrett warns that Science's victory over bacteria, viruses, and other microbes is far from assured--and we may be part of the problem. SEE :

NOTE : Deadly fungus...toxic Mold [ ] See document :

Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL) :

Table 1. Summary of Recommended Biosafety Levels for Infectious Agents LEVEL #4 = Dangerous/exotic agents which pose high risk of life-threatening disease, aerosol-transmitted lab infections; or related agents with unknown risk of transmission.


Agent Summary Statements

VII-A: Bacterial Agents :

VII-B: Fungal Agents :

VII-C: Parasitic Agents :

VII-D: Prions :

Biosafety Level 4 agents :


Have the REPTILIANS been doing Extensive testing [Animal Mutilations, Abductions, etc.?] to ensure that the "Alien Pathogen" will be effective on "the target" without harming other species?

* The HOST = an "evolved pathogen" (that's X-speak for an alien virus that walks on two legs).


Has the US Government found a pathogen that kills the larvae, in the HOST?

Aerial Biological Testing : ....the U.S. military's spraying of HUNDREDS of populated areas in the U.S. with harmful chemicals and infectious pathogens as part of biological warfare experiments.


NBC - Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical warfare

United States Senate Testimony before the Committee on Veterans'Affairs May 6, 1994 ..."Open Air Testing with Simulated Biological and Chemical Warfare Agents", By Leonard A. Cole, Ph.D.

Global Microbial Threats :

In recent years, antimicrobial drug resistance has become a serious problem in the United States and abroad. Antimicrobial resistance occurs when a disease-carrying microbe (Bacteria, Virus, Parasite, or FUNGUS) is no longer affected by a drug that previously was able to kill the microbe or prevent it from growing.



Fungal infections can be classified as :

* Superficial -- those that effect hair, skin, nostrils, genitals, and oral mucosa.

* Subcutaneous -- those which occur beneath the skin

* Deep -- those which effect the internal organs, lungs, liver, bones, lymph, brain, heart, and urinary tract.


Is the government SPRAYING to get rid of the spreading of an Invading "Alien" Fungus? CON-TRAILS.....("spray-trails").... Ethylene Dibromide (EDB)... IS a FUNGICIDE!!!!!!

* So...does the Government thinks that Ethylene Dibromide (EDB) is BETTER than letting you get INFECTED by an "Alien Invader" Pathogen, the "BLACK FUNGUS"? NOTE : Is this research funded by DARPA's "Unconventional Pathogen Countermeasures Program" ?

There IS an "Alien" INVADER Biological THREAT!

The HIVE..."Dark Skies"(a canceled TV Program) concerns the struggle by Majestic, a secret arm of the government, to defeat an "Alien PATHOGEN", called the Hive. can INFECT and live INSIDE a human being and control their thoughts.

* IT is infesting the grays, just as it infest humans.

* An INVASIVE micro-"ALIEN SPECIES".......

* INVADERS FROM INNER SPACE [The host becomes a slave to the invader.]

* The "Hive" GANGLIA attacks the Central nervous System. NOTE : Can You "Catch" Schizophrenia?

MICROBES obviously can cause mental disorders -- as syphilitic dementia, to
name but one example, makes brutally clear.

Also, Streptococcal antibodies can find their way into the Brain and Attack a region called the basal Ganglia, causing characteristic clumsiness....along with Obsessions, Compulsions, senseless Rituals, and idées fixes.

Are all these things connected to an "ALIEN PATHOGEN" Epidemic?

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