Volume 2 ~ June 15, 1999
Second Edition!

Table of Contents

  • Summer Vacation ~ by: Melissa Myers
  • The Divine Matrix Revealed ~ by: John V. Panella
  • Billions for the Bankers ~ Debts for the People ~ by: Sheldon Emry
  • Stay in the Light ~ by: Dale Morrow
  • Mediocre Media Manipulators ~ by: Gavin Phillips
  • Stamping Out the Millenium Parasites ~ by: Nikki Case
  • Spiritual Prison ~ by: John V. Panella
  • The Tranquilizing Of America ~ by: Bruce Kennedy
  • about the chart for 11/aug/99 ~ by: john bowen
  • More than a Mark ~ by: Conspiracy Monkey
  • The Conspiracy of the Ten Commandments ~ by: Rebecca S. Harrison D.D.
  • Y2K in Context ~ by Paul Swann
  • An amazing 11:11 experience! ~ by: John V. Panella
  • Anthroposophy-The Occult Signficance of Blood ~ by: Rudolph Steiner
  • A Hymn - The Holes in the Poles
  • The Round Table ~ by Echan Deravy
  • Interesting Tidbits

  • ress Releases & ewsworthy
  • Press Release- Tom Campbell, Rep. California ~ submitted by arun
  • Vatican: ET Contact is Real!
  • Comet Lee - Scientists Admit Worried
  • Earth Changes
  • Kosovo Problems - Ending or Beginning
  • CAUS News Worthy
  • Secret Panel Decides Who Can Drive
  • The Editorial

  • umor
  • A letter to Dr. Ruth ~ submitted By Darrell Franks
  • A kid classic ~ submitted By Linda Duncan Osni
  • Quotes ~ submitted by Founding Fathers and other politicians
  • Nudity ~ Opinion by Voltaire
  • What I have learned from the 20th century ~ Mike Vanderboegh ~ a satyre

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