HiddenMysteries ThE-Magazine Volume 3
Volume 3 ~ July 15, 1999
Third Issue

Table of Contents

  • Marduk Meets His World Elite ~ by: Inanna /through V.Susan Ferguson
  • Y2K ~ submitted by: Brad Smith
  • Dangerous Lies ~ by: John Ellis
  • Inner Cabal of the Theosophical Society Exposed ~ submitted by: Andrew Hennessey
  • BIG BROTHER - coming to your house soon ~ by: Steven Tuck
  • A Call to Action ~ by: Bobbie Sinclair
  • Hidden Meanings of Our DNA ~ by: Bill Donahue
  • Proud to be an American? ~ by: Tim
  • Persuasion & Brainwashing Techniques ~ by: Dick Sutphen - [Thanks Enigma!]
  • Five Common Mistakes ~ by: J.C. Cunningham
  • Hypnocouriers ~ by: Carla Emery
  • The Julie Meade Story ~ by Susan Dressel
  • Journey into Hell & Heaven ~ submitted by: Susan Salmons
  • The "Swedish Model" ~ by: Per Sewen
  • A Collection of Thoughts ~ by Jim Lightfoot
  • That August 11th Solar Eclipse ~ by Joseph-Mark Cohen
  • Grand Cross Alignments ~ by Dan Furst
  • Mega-Banksters Scared? ~ by Alan DeWalton
  • American Death Camps ~ by Samuel Foster
  • 'lamina' to the collective ~ by DJ Hewitt
  • Drunvalo on DNA ~ submitted by Dave J.
  • Idols of the Left: Will the Real Terrorists Please Take a Bow? ~ by Nikki Case
  • Programming of the Masses ~ by Rebecca S. Harrison D.D.
  • Paradise, Eden, Shangri-la ~ The Commonwealth of Dominica
  • Interesting Tidbits

  • ress Releases & ewsworthy
  • Nuclear Plants Not Y2K Compliant
  • Disinformation and Serbia ~ editorial by Peter Phillips Ph.D.
  • Earth Changes
  • Control Freaks want DNA ~ by James V. Whalen - an informative response
  • Miracle Cure from CAUS
  • Cassini News Release
  • The Princess of Amen-Ra
  • The Editorial
  • Someone Like You ~ by Jim Lightfoot

  • umor
  • If Noah Lived in the US Today ~ submitted by Johnny Garner
  • Kids ~ submitted by Darrell Dean Franks
  • From the CAUS NewsDesk
  • Arkansas - in case you haven't seen it
  • They Really Said That!?
  • US Navy vs Canadian Navy
  • Driving Drunk & Female Brains
  • Bosnian Football
  • TaxMan and the Rabbi
  • The Religions of the World

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