HiddenMysteries ThE-Magazine - Volume 4 - HiddenMysteries ThE-Magazine Volume 4
Volume 4 ~ August 10, 1999
Fourth Issue

Table of Contents


  • Self-Preparation for the August Eclipse ~ by Brian Desborough
  • Does character stand for anything? (Part 1) ~ by John V. Panella
  • FILLING THE VOID (Part 2) ~ by John V. Panella
  • Overcoming the WALL! (Part 3) ~ by John V. Panella
  • THE GREAT AGES ~ An Overview ~ by Geoffrey Saxby
  • This is just the beginning{Special 4 part series} ~ by: Jan van Toorn/Light Network
  • Supernova Windows ~ by: Dr. Louis Turi
  • The Story of Dr. Jonathan Reed ~ by: by Robert Raith & Jonathan Reed
  • There Goes the Sun... ~ NASA Space Science
  • 2Y2K or not 2Y2K? ~ by: LifeTraveller
  • Healing Singing Bowls of Tibet ~ HARMONICS OF FREQUENCY MODULATION
  • The Billboard ~ by: Harshie
  • The Great Play forewarnings regarding the shadow of coming events ~ by Truth Fellowship
  • United Nations Declaration: MIND CONTROL
  • Bill Clinton - Master of War ~ by: Per Sewen
  • AWAKENING ~ by White Eyes
  • The Ezekiel Airship - Wheel within a Wheel ~ submitted by Johnny Garner
  • The Father Shipton Prophecy - 1449
  • A Cognitive Theory of Consciousness ~ by Bernard J. Baars - online book in text and PDF

  • omments
  • Thumbnail of the United Nations
  • The Secret Government ~ Derek Wilson
  • I attended one of David Icke's lectures - by Stuart Wilde

  • ress eleases & ewsworthy
  • Polluting the Final Frontier ~ Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D.
  • NATO Blamed for Unseasonable Weather
  • FBI Actions at Waco in Question 1999
  • Big Bang machine could destroy Earth
  • Lost in Space/New AF Roswell Story

  • umor & erebration
  • He really said that!
  • Toilet Paper is Essential ~ Reuters
  • Real Newspaper Headlines

  • "God, If you're really there..." ~ by John Joseph Sylvia IV
  • "A tapping..." ~ by paul schroeder
  • A Goodwill Message

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