HiddenMysteries ThE-Magazine - Volume 5 - HiddenMysteries ThE-Magazine Volume 5

Volume 5 ~ September 15, 1999
Fifth Issue

Table of Contents


  • An Angel Beyond Fear ~ by John V. Panella
  • Formula for Compassion ~ by Jelaila Starr
  • Tower of Babel ~ by Kristin P. Morrill ~ InannaKnows
  • The Journey Home ~ by Bonnie Bergman
  • Cosmic Story ~ by Deborah Kerrison
  • Diamond Body of Christ ~ by Patrick Flaherty
  • Prophetic Dreams & Visions ~ by Joe Mason and Dee Finney
  • Hollow Planets~ by Jan Lamprecht
  • Extraterrestrials ~ by Jan Jackman & Jon Hurst
  • The 'Jinns' ~ by paul schroeder
  • Lightsource at Putacusi ~ by Kathy Doore
  • The New Paradigm
  • BILL AND BEN THE FLOWERPOT MEN ~ by Jacqueline Maria Longstaff
  • TV and Radio Broadcasts from Space ~ by Jon Jurst
  • The Awesome Summer of 1999 ~ By Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
  • In Defense of Buford Furrow Jr. ~ by Brian Desborough
  • Where Your Attention Is...There YOU Are! ~ By Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
  • Reptilians ~ by Meisha Johnston

  • ress eleases & ewsworthy
  • Editorial: High Strangeness in Turkey ~ by Mitchell S Lane
  • W T O & THE THIRD WORLD ~ By: Ali Ashraf Khan
  • Noble lawmen find NASA official in cave

  • esearch /eference /esource
  • Bush's Boys Club-Skull and Bones ~ by Overt Action Bulletin
  • THE OPAL FILE ~ submitted by Denise Prichard

  • The Immortal~ J. J. Dewey

  • Yogurt Shop Murders ~ Attorney's Investigation into the cover-up of Child Murders and Abuse by Governor George BUSH Jr. and the Texas Judicial System

  • Biography of George H.W. Bush
  • Hidden Symbology in Architecture & Cartography ~ by Simon Gerrard

  • umor & erebration
  • Have we been working too hard, too much ... ?
  • Lawyer's Vacations ~ submitted by David Jackson
  • Life in the 1500's ~ submitted by Lyle N. Denning

  • POWER ~ by Karen
  • Poetic Works ~ by Max Gazsi

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